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4ACV11: Where No Fan Has Gone Before

Leela: The professor said he was taking a brief nap, so we only have time for six movies.
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Leela: You can't go to Omega 3, it's forbidden. I forbid you!
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Ship's Computer: You are now in forbidden space.
Bender: Forbidden, Schmerschmidden! What are they going to do, write a letter? Ooh, I'm so scared!
Leela: [ship's siren sounds] I've lost control of the ship!
Bender: You lost control of the ship! [screams]
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Leela: But, who's doing this all for you?
William Shatner: You know, we never thought about it. We're famous celebrities, we're used to this sort of treatment.
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Zapp Brannigan: This court will now hear some very sensual testimony from this court's ex-lover, Turanga Leela.
Leela: Go [beep] yourself!
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Leela: For one-hundred quatloos, who did the captain maroon on Ceti Alpha 5?
Fry: Er, Kahn.
Leela: Correct.
Melllvar: My button has broken!
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Leela: Errr... you probably don't want us to see you rehearsing, or it'll give away the ending.
Melllvar: That's right, the ending must not be ruined!
Leela: We'll go wait in the ship.
Melllvar: OK!
Fry: Not until I get my six-hundred quatloos. [he's pulled away]
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Leela: It's not working! He's drawing strength from our weapons!
Fry: Like a balloon, and something bad happens.
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Leela: So, err, how's rehearsal going?
Melllvar: Lousy! Here I've been admiring a bunch of actors, while you, a crew of genuine space heroes, risked your lives to save them.
Leonard Nimoy: Hey, we've done heroic things too!
Michelle Nichols: Yeah, in the third season I kissed Shatner.
Melllvar: SILENCE!
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Zapp Brannigan: So, Melllvar ordered a battle to the death. I assume no one survived?
Leela: [sigh] Can we get on with this, my foot's getting tired! [series of beeps]
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William Shatner: [after bumping into Leela] There's no right way to hit a woman.
Leela: Then do it the wrong way.
William Shatner: Fine. [shouts as he hits Leela, making her fall to the ground]
Leela: [after getting up] Is that all you've got? [Leela shouts and kicks Shatner to the ground, who moans in pain]
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Leela: We're too heavy! You guys have to lose some weight. Fast!
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Leela: The Nimbus! We're saved!
Zapp Brannigan: You're under arrest. Prepare to be boarded.
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Zapp Brannigan: So, I boarded you, uh? Hey, what happened next?
Leela: You started this stupid court martial. Now, if you don't mind, we're still fighting Melllvar.
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