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4ACV08: Crimes of the Hot

Leela: No, Nibbler! Don't drink the pool water, it's full of chlorine!
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Fry: Wow, that ice dispenser's so big, the ice crushes you. [laughs to himself, then realises that Leela isn't laughing] Yakov Smirnov said it.
Leela: No he didn't.
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Fry: Oh my god, it's out of ice! Like some outer-space Motel Six.
Leela: [exclaims in shock] Completely out of ice?
Bender: This could mean the end of the Banana Daiquiri as we know it... also life.
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Bender: One thing, we both have a tough outer-shell, [bangs his body and then the turtle's shell] but lead a rich inner-life, and also, well you know...
Leela: You're both alcoholic, whoremongering, chain-smoking gamblers?
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Leela: Come on, you gotta come out of your chest sometime. Would you do it for a Bender snack? [opens a beer]
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Fry: Why isn't this working?
Leela: Some lazy or polite robot is holding it in.
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