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4ACV03: Love and Rocket

Leela: Bender, Ship, stop bickering or I'm gonna come back there and change your opinions manually.
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Leela: Uh! You have got to be kidding! [Farnsworth uses a cattle prod on Leela] OW! I... I mean, ahhh that's so sweet. [Farnsworth again cattle prods her, causing her to cry out] I mean, ahhh that's sho shweet!
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Fry: Here, Leela: you are two cute.
Leela: Perhaps, what's your point?
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Fry: I'm gonna find the one that sums up my feelings for you. [picks up on candy heart and reads it] I love you - too conventional. [picks up another] You're my man - Ooh, so close!
Leela: I'm not impressed by a guy's message, Fry, I'm impressed by the guy... or not.
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Leela: [catching Bender and the PE ship having some fun] Bender! [Bender panics] What's going on in here? Huh! Planet Express Ship, cover your shame!
Planet Express Ship: [closes her compartment] Oh... it's not what it looks like. Bender was just helping me zip up my turbine.
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Leela: Esteemed potentates of Omicron Persei 8, please accept these twenty-billion candy hearts as proof that Earth loves you [stetches out her arms] THIS MUCH!
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Fry: Incoming torpedoes, shields at maximum yarnell.
Leela: Steady, Planet Express Ship. Focus on diverting all power to the scram jets.
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Leela: [nervous laugh] Um, sweetie, you see that giant quasar we're heading into? You might wanna scooch a few parsecs to the left.
Planet Express Ship: I'm afraid I can't do that, Leela.
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Fry: What's happening? Space cow?
Leela: The ship's just taking the break-up a little hard. [whispering] She's nuts!
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Leela: Now look, missy, if you don't turn around right now, I'm gonna have to shut down your brain!
Planet Express Ship: Fire detected in the vicinity of Leela. [shoots water at Leela, making her shoot across the ship's flight deck]
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Leela: This is the one place she can't hear us. Everyone just pretend to shower.
Fry: Same as every day, got it.
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Leela: Comprendre, Bender? You'll have to distract her, merge your programming with her's, while I shut down her brain.
Bender: It's too risky. I'm a very meek individual. If her personality engulfs mine, the Bender you know and worship could disappear forever.
Leela: I'm willing to take that risk.
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Leela: OK, Bender has her distracted. Now, I can shut down her brain by deactivating the carbonated logic matrix.
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Leela: OHH! I can't concentrate with this obnoxious candy in my face.
Fry: I'm on it. And maybe I'll find those magic words, while I'm at it.
Leela: Fat chance.
Fry: Yeah... no.
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Fry: Oooh, how about this one?
Leela: Give it up, Fry! I've got to pop these tops in a precise order.
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Leela: Half-way there. The ship should be getting a bit less rational now.
Planet Express Ship: Me want engulf Bender. [she screams overjoyed, while Bender screams in fear]
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Leela: Hey, I won free admission to Six Flags! Just one more reason we must survive this.
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Fry: [discovers that Leela is running out of oxygen] Um, Leela?
Leela: Fry, I'll read your candy later, when we're not dead.
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Leela: [oblivious to Fry's self-sacrificial act] What was that?
Fry: [croaking] Oh, nothing.
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Bender: What crazy thing am I gonna date next?
Leela: Well, at least it sounds like you were able to keep your consciousness separate from her's.
Bender: Of course! Bender is a lone wolf, a solitary eagle, [voice changes to Planet Express Ship's] a cuddly baby tapir, [returns back to Bender's voice] and that's why I love him.
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