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4ACV02: Leela's Homeworld

Journalist: Mind if we get a picture of you with your picture for the news, mam?
Leela: Yes! I mean, no! Just make sure you get my nonchalant side.
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Leela: [while Bender's forcing a killer whale's carcass down a manhole] Bender, cut it out! First of all, the sewer mutants will be mad. Second, everything else that's horribly wrong with what you're doing.
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Unidentified female mutant: [while a crowd of mutants chant "Mutate! Mutate! Mutate!"] Turanga Leela!
Leela: Who said that? How do you know my real name?
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Fry: What happened?
Leela: I don't know. I think I saved us, somehow.
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Leela: Wait a minute. Why aren't you gonna kill us anymore?
Bender: Yeah! What are you: chicken? [makes clucking sounds]
Fry: Shhh! Shut up, you two. We can kill ourselves when we get home.
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Leela: They know something about me, and I've got to find out what.
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Leela: [takes off an octupus that's on her head] Blergh! [looks at her reflection in the mutant lake] The lake didn't mutate me. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?
Octupus (mutant): It worked for me. I used to be a little blond girl, named Virginia.
[disgusted, Leela throws the octupus mutant back]
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Leela: Huh! Who the hell are you?
Unidentified female mutant: No one. And watch your language, young lady.
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Leela: Where did they go? [she walks forward and garbage lands on her, causing her to fall to the ground]
Bender: Good news, Leela. I landed the contract to empty all the spitoons in Little Italy. [he proceeds to empty the spitoons, making Leela jump out of the way]
Leela: Ewww!
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Leela: Hands up! [unidentified mutants cry out in surprise] Tentacles too!
unidentified female mutant: Don't say anything stupid, Morris.
Leela: What is all this? Am I a game to you or some kind of even more boring Truman Show? Do you believe I'm your messiah, the mutant Dalai Lama? Stop me if I guess it!
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Fry: [as Leela readies her weapon, Fry drops in] Stop! Thanks, Bender. Don't do it, Leela!
Leela: They killed my parents!
Fry: Close. [he goes behind the mutants and unhoods them, revealing two middle-aged cyclops]
Leela: They are my parents.
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