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3ACV21: Future Stock

Leela: This toads the wet sprocket! What about our thousands of shares of stock?
Hermes: Worthless.
Bender: [while the crew gasp] I'll kill you!
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Fry: [talking fast] This company's on the fast-track to the it list; blastfax kudos all around.
Leela: Uuh, hello! We haven't made one delivery since you two took over.
"That Guy": Delivery has nothing to do with the delivery business. Image, people, image!
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Leela: That was terrible, people won't even know what we do.
Bender: I don't even know what we do. Nah, just kidding. Heh. What are we like, a bus or something?
Leela: Did you approve that awful ad, Fry?
Fry: Yes I did, Leels, and I'll tell you why: because it grows the brand.
Leela: Oh Lord!
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"That Guy": I neglected to mention that the shares that I bought from Dr Zoidberg gave me majority control.
Leela: Zoidberg owned fifty-one per cent of the company!
Hermes: The shares were worthless and he kept asking for toilet paper!
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Gelatinous blob: What are you solids griping about, your shares are worth a hundred-and-seven dollars a piece.
Leela: They are! Oh my god, I'm a millionaire! Suddenly, I have an opinion about the capital gains tax.
[crew cheer]
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Leela: Let Mom buy the company. We all want to be filthy, stinking rich!
Dr Zoidberg: Trust me, two out of three doesn't count.
Fry: You mean, you'd rather be rich than work together?
Leela: Hell, yeah!
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