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3ACV19: Roswell that Ends Well

Leela: I don't know what happened, but we've taken on a lot of clocks. Let's get back home.
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Leela: Alright, here's the plan: Zoidberg, pick up the pieces; everyone else, take five.
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Farnsworth: Our only hope to get back to our own time is to go back through it, in, oh say, exactly twenty-four hours.
Leela: [Leela is finishing welding something on the ship] No problem. The ship's fixed, except for the cup-holder, and I should have that operational within ten hours.
Farnsworth: You've got eight!
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Zoidberg: [after taping up his wound] There, good as new!
Leela: Don't you need this one?
Zoidberg: Oh, no! That's my... [croaks and falls to the floor, as if dead. Then, after a while, he gets back up smiling] Gotcha! [Leela throws a body part away, frowning]
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