Sound Clips

3ACV18: Anthology of Interest II

Farnsworth: It can answer any "what if" question, accurate to within one tenth of a plausibility unit.
Leela: That's so plausible, I can't believe it!
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Bender: Guys! Guys! You gotta come in the bathroom and look at this; you're not gonna believe it!
Leela: Bender, it's OK to be proud, but don't be a show-off.
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Bender: Whoa! This is awesome!
Leela: Bender, you drank and smoked when you were a robot.
Bender: But now it's bad for me. Woo!
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Zoidberg: [scanning Bender with some diagnosis machine] Pulse: 300. Liver: failing. Cholesterol: 40!
Leela: Well, that's not so bad.
Zoidberg: No, I mean 40 pounds!
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Fry: [whilst going through a Pacman-styled course] Hey, watch out!
[Zoidberg eats Fry]
Zoidberg: Uh-oh!
Leela: Oh my God! He ate Fry! Fry is dead!
Fry: It's OK, I had another guy.
[All cheer]
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Leela: Invaders! Possibly from space!
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Leela: Come on, Fry, get it!
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Leela: OK, [coughs] as an alien, who was abandoned on Earth, I've never really belonged anywhere.
Bender: Boo hoo!
[Leela smacks the back of Bender's head, causing his eyes to shoot out and hit Fry, making him cry out]
Leela: So, my question is this: what if I found my true home?
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Leela: Geez! Apparently the phrase "tone it down" doesn't exist on this planet.
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Leela: HUH! OH NO! We hit someone! Quick, back into the ship! Oooh, nice boots!
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Leela: A witch! That explains why these boots magically appeared on my feet.
Wormulon Character: No, you stole them; we saw you!
Leela: Well, [coughs] it's hard to find shoes that fit me.
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Leela: So anyway, who are you people? Haven't I seen you in some copyrighted movie?
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Amy [Cute Witch of the North]: Greetings, Leela. I'm the Cute Witch of the North.
Leela: Yeah, can anyone fix my ship, so I can get home?
Amy: Abracaduh! Just ask the professor. He lives in the Emerald Laboratory, down Martin Luther King Boulevard.
Leela: You mean that yellow-brick road?
Amy: The city council renamed it in 1975.
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Amy [Cute Witch of the North]: Ooh, those are great shoes!
Leela: Oh, thank you.
Amy: Do they come in women sizes?
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Leela: Wow, a talking scarecrow! Want to come with us to see the professor? He might be able to give you a brain.
Fry [Scarecrow]: Hey, that's not a nice thing to say!
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Hermes: He's not here.
Leela: Oh, for the love of Benji {Leela pokes Hermes in the eyes, causing him to cry out]
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Leela: No, not anymore. I want to stay here and become the new Wicked Witch.
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Leela: There's no place like... I wanna be a witch!
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Leela laughing evilly
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Leela: [after getting a liquid poured on her from above] Oh no! HELP! What's happening?
Zoidberg [Courage]: [adjusting his trousers] Sorry, I think there's a problem with your upstair's toilet.
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Fry: Leela, are you alright, you got wanged on the head?
Leela: I was having the most wonderful dream, except you were there, and you were there, and you were there!
Fry: Never mind, Professor, she came to.
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