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3ACV10: Where the Buggalo Roam

Leela: Thanks so much for inviting us, Mr Wong. I've never been to a Mars Day barbeque.
Leo Wong: Oh, Mars Day much better than Earth Day: dump trash wherever you want - big empty planet.
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Leela: Wow, look at that! Olympus Mons, the tallest volcano in the Solar System.
Fry: Where?
Leela: Right in front of you.
Fry: Oh, oh!
Kif: We'll camp near the top, the rustlers will be sure to spot us there.
Fry: Where?
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Kif: OK, the dynamite's in place.
Amy: Are you sure there's no other way to get the buggalo out?
Leela: Not unless your parents have thousands of helicopters at their disposal.
Amy: Well, actually...
Bender: Too late, this is more fun! [detonates the dynamite]
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Zapp: Behold, the Great Stoneface of Mars. The only known entrance to the Martian Reservation.
Leela: What about the Great Stoneass of Mars?
Zapp: Well yeah, but it's way on the other side of the planet.
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Leela: [after witnessing a native Martian crying over a tossed can of Slurm] They have such respect for the planet.
Native Martian: [sniffs] Cynthia used to drink Slurm.
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Leela: [during a native Martian induced dust storm] Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! My eye!
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Native Martian Chief: [to Kif] You are free to go. Sorry about all the rustling and kidnapping.
Leela: But what about your sacred land?
Native Martian Chief: Land schmand! We don't want to live on this planet, it's a dump. We'll buy new planet and act as it's sacred. With cash like this, who's going to argue? Nobody, that's who.
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