Sound Clips

3ACV03: A Tale of Two Santas

Leela: Fry's right! It's time to sit on Santa's lap, and hard!
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Leela: Santa's a robot, so we should be able to destroy him with a logical paradox. Bender, you better cover your ears.
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Fry: [Leela is trying to take-off the ship] Why aren't we moving?
Leela: I don't know. Usually when I do stuff like this, the ship moves.
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Leela: It's not fair! I just hope that dumb chicken is ashamed of himself.
[Hyper-Chicken is on the court's roof, squawking away]
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Elf: Greetings masters, my companion and I made lots of toys.
Leela: Out of my way, shrimpo. We're here to bring Santa back, so that we can prove Bender's innocent.
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