White Phillip

Parody by Spacedal11

Based on "White Rabbit" by "Jefferson Airplane":

[music intro]

One beer makes you smarter
and the other makes strong.
And the ones that Bender gives you,
don't do anything at t'all.
Go ask Phillip, when he's not drunk at all.

And if you see Leela, chasing Nibbler,
In the building of Planet Express,
Bender will turn his head to the TV
when he hears his name being address.
Call Phillip, when he's smarter than them all.

When the men of the DOOP Army
get up and tell you where to go,
Zoidberg just had some kind of mushroom;
And his mind is all a glow.
Go ask Phillip {hold for 3 seconds} I think he'll know.

And when the Earth is invaded by aliens,
It's up to them to save the day.
And Zap Brannigan is talking backwards,
while Mom wants Farnsworth's head.

Remember {holds for 3 seconds{, what Nixon said:
Feed your head.
Feed your head. {Hold for 5 seconds}

[Guitar ending]