Want Futurama Back

Rap By Alexei 'Pimpinslacker' Ehrensperger

Alexei 'Pimpinslacker' Ehrensperger sings to his rap, with backing music (1.9MB)

Philip J Fry was frozen tight on the night of
December thirty-first, nineteen ninety nine. For a
While he slept in the cryogenics lab. Jay,
Stab that guy, he's gonna ruin my track!
... Now, getting back to the matter his bladder
must've been badly full when his consciousness came back.
Cyclops Leela, they met and became friends. Bender the
Bending robot came along to Fry's long lost
great great great... great
Nephew who's name I won't say. Hey what d'you want? I don't get
paid. Only laid. (Hah hah hah). Besides y'all know his
Name anyway. And there ain't much more to say except
Stay Futurama, don't go, we need you to stay! But there's a
Company called Fox (leader's gay) they wanna get our favourite
TV show out of the way! Hey.

Chorus (2x):

Futurama we want you back this is
Wack, people whack devil Murdoch's ass! (Oww)
Futurama not a chance that I'll just sit there and
Glance, people sack devil Murdoch's ass!
(Straight to hell)

You wonder why I hardly cursed in the last verse? Cause for a
Change I'm rappin about something that don't turn my
Stomach like a knob. (Futurama) Wait
Stop... (Hmmm) Actually it

Does turn my stomach but from laughin not from disgust
Murdoch's face well that's another matter to discuss, ain't it?
People like us we like to laugh not stab fans'
Backs Murdoch we'll kick your spindly ass faster than you can
Say ''Oh my bureaucratic god, I turned gay!'' But them
Prayers won't help you much. You're just such a
Selfish little b- oops. Um, go sell shellfish for a livin, dog!