PlanEx, the delivery company

Parody by Zak Gotsh

Fry was a guy, from the land of old New York,
Delivery boy for hire nothing to be done,
Hired for jobs with PlanEx on a laser firin' night,
So he set out for adventure to join the new crew.
In 3000 and 3 they fought the Mom corp.!
With her fingers on the stick shift Leela's gored,
For days and nights he battled the network to their knees
They delivered to earn their living, and to help out Farnsworth
(silent chourus)

His Comrades walked beside him Bender and rest,
But of all the PlanEx crew Leela was not the best.
So the Fox Network decided they wanted the crew dead!
That son of Nixon that Murdoch,
He canceled Futurama.
(silent chorus)

You can still see their fund-less show stalkin through the DVDs
In the muzzle flash of Leela's laser gun,
In the muzzle flash of Leela's laser gun,
The Fans searched the universe, for the man who done' Fry in.
They found him in Bombassox in a ballroom drinkin' gin.
The fans raised their laser guns they set them all to stun,
They sent Murdoch's body to a prison on the moon.
(silent chorus)

Now it's 10 years later,
But Fry stills keeps up the fight,
In Zeyerkland, In Klabenon, In Xalistine and Zurkley--------------------
Sandy Gurch’ heard the burst of leela's laser gun and boarded
(very quietly) in the muzzles flash of Leela's laser gun.