Hey Leela

Song By Dwayne Anderson

(Parody of "Hang On, Hold On", written by Kevin Gillis and John Stroll, and performed by Luba - anyone who saw the 1980s cartoon The Racoons will know)


Hey Leela, when your heart is breaking;
Hey Leela, when Zapp's been taking
Everything he can take from you . . .

Hey Leela, when you're through with losing;
Hey Leela, when you're down and bruising;
Everything seems so cruel to you . . .

You gotta hold on, hang on
Till Fry can get through to you!
Keep the light on, love strong,
He'll find his way to you!

Hey Leela, I know you're hurting,
Hey Leela, take strength, it's certain
Fry can find a way to get to you!