NNYC Dance Night

Poem by DSS

[Note: A sequel to Leela in my Dreams.]

What an exciting night
Last night!
I had went to the NNYC
Convention Center for
A special dance.
All of Planet Exprees
were there,
Icluding my crush

I got there at 9 PM
And the dance was running strong.
It seemed that everyone there
already had somebody to dance with.
Well,except me and Leela.
She was standing in the corner looking sad.
She was wearing a green dress that she wanted
To save for Easter.
I was wearing my favorite tan Blazer and dress pants.
I walked over to her.

"Hi,there Miss Leela." I said.
"Hey DSS." Leela said back.
"May I have this dance?"
I was shy and nervous.
Here I was in my teens asking an adult
To dance with me.
But she didn't have any problem with it.
"Sure thing, DSS".

So we started to waltz.
Her hands are never cold.
She looked so beautiful in that dress.
Then we started to do other dance moves.
Leela did ballet
And I tapped my feet a few times

Then finally,we waltz again,
And I gave her a little kiss
On the cheek.
"Aww,DSS. You're such a gentleman." Leela said in response.

The dance ended at 10 PM and I said,
"Good night, Leela."
She kneeled down, hugged me, kissed my cheek and said,
"Good night, DSS."

She walked down the street to her apartment.
"Woo-Hoo!" I screamed in excitement.