Crap Busters

Parody by Zak Gotsh

Someone bad in the neighborhood, who is it? FOX NETWORK!
(GB chorus)

Someone bad in the neighborhood, who ya gonna call? THE CREW!
(GB chorus)

They are bad, worse than you, whoís gonna get emí? NOT YOU!
If itís not you, then who is it? I think itísÖTHE CREW!
(GB chorus)

Another fool in the neighborhood, who could it be? ITíS SANDY!
What she doin here? Who should a call? THE CREW!
Fry: You called us mam? What did you want? Leela: she wanted US!
Lady: Who should I have called, thatís in the neighborhood?
Leela: (sigh)
Lady: They donít exist, in this neighborhood; I called youÖTHE CREW!
Leela: Thank you mam, Bender: IíLL KICK HER ASS! Fry: Who is it? All but Fry: ITíS SANDY!
(GB chorus)

Fry: Iíll hold her down. Bender: Iíll kick her up. Amy: whoís gonna get her? All: US ALL!
Sandy: I canít believe, Iím o so boned! Why are you here?! Crew (pointing to lady) SHE CALLED!
(next day)
Farnsworth: She was strange. Hermes: We taught her good. Fry: who was it? Crew: ITíS SANDY!
Zoidberg (speaking): Friends! I have found an old Pizza Hut! So many boxes! So much cheese!
All but Zoidy: Weíve kicked you out, of this neighborhood! Zoidberg: Whoíd you call? All but Zoidy: FRENCH MOVERS!