Cubert's Rants

Into The Wild Green Yonder

New Rants by Jodes:

Give 'em the finger: When Bender wins poker, Leo Wong holds up five fingers (on one hand). But all the characters in Futurama only have four fingers on each hand (except mutants).

Solution by Seymour_My_Hero: Its a genetic mutation in poker dealers, to add to the excitement.

Bender stole it?: When the Planet Express ship bursts into the explosion ceremony Bender is wearing a Feministas mask. When the No.9 Man talks to the encyclopod he is no longer wearing it, it reappears when the encyclopod flies off and Zapp Brannigan tries to arrest them.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: When the Encyclopod showed up, he took the mask off so he could see it clearly. Then he put it back on when he realized it was starting to leave.

Solution by Bosda: Bender is a master of cheap disguise. Not good disguises, but hey..... New!