Cubert's Rants

Where No Fan Has Gone Before

This is a No-Smoking Area: In the courtroom scene while Shatner is giving his testimony, Bender is smoking a cigar. Since when has smoking been allowed in a courtroom? Not to mention with Brannigan presiding, and his clear contempt for the Planet Express crew. There is no way he would give Bender any slack.

Solution by Snorlax422: Big tobacco companies probably "persuaded" the government to change this law at some point in the 2700's.

Why Me?: Brannigan orders "bring out the accused", at which point Fry is wheeled out in the chair. Why is he the only "accused" in the court martial, given that the whole crew were together in visiting the forbidden planet?

Solution by Ross: Fry was the one who instigated the trip, and Brannigan may have some hatred for him from his time as Leela.s fake fiancÚ.

I Don't Feel So Good: Why does Fry look like he's in a comatose state when he is wheeled out into the courtroom? Sure, he may be bored, but this is ridiculous!

Solution by Ross: Fry is a massive Star Trek fan. He would never pass up the opportunity to do a flawless Captain Pike impersonation (Star Trek Episode: The Menagerie).

Bite Me: When the camera turns to Bender after Fry is brought out, he has a cigar in his mouth. However, it can also be seen that his "teeth" are completely clenched and there is no opening at all for him to be holding the cigar in, so how does it stay there?

Cruel and Unusual: Okay, this may have been intended, but how in hell does one get 12 concurrent death sentences? Do they charge you with escape or something if you die after the first one and don't come back to life?

Solution by Ross: Multiple Death Sentences are merely given to indicate the severity of a crime, with the death of the condemned fulfilling all sentences.

Solution by Eric: Multiple death sentences would require pardons, no getting off with just one call from the governor. New!

Beep Beep: Fry needed "one beep, yes; two beeps, no" explained to him at the start of his testimony, and took ages to even do two beeps. However, only moments later, he is beeping away like crazy telling his story. How did he suddenly learn how to use the system (especially given his poor academic abilities) without being taught, and why does he STILL look comatose while doing it?

Jim Carrey? Ugh!: How is it that the crew are planning to rent some Jim Carrey movies at the video store, especially given that basically all recordings were supposedly destroyed during the second coming of Jesus (as said in "When Aliens Attack")? That's not even asking why they would still have video tapes, as they appear to be looking at renting - they're even phasing them out now; no way they'd still be around in 3000.

Ignorance is Bliss: If the words "Star Trek" can't even be said, how is it that everyone in the video store knows they are so strictly forbidden? How do you tell someone they're not allowed to use a word? Also, how did the security camera know to suddenly focus on him, it didn't even seem to have a microphone, and even if it did, how would it know Fry was the person talking when he was off-camera at the time?

Solution by Snorlax422: How do you communicate without speaking? By means of writing. It was obviously a written law that was passed down by means of letters throughout generations. For the second question, there are probably several hidden microphones throughout stores in the year 3000. All the camera operator would have to do is go in the direction of the voice that said it.

Squish!: How did Fry fit inside Bender? We already know from "I, Roommate" that both Fry and Bender have the same volume, so it'd be basically impossible to fit one in the other.

Solution by Snorlax422: First off, Fry was in the fetal position, making him a bit smaller, secondly, Bender doesn't look to comfortable, he's actually bulging at the sides and front.

Dumb Cops: How is it that the police let Bender and the others walk right out of the video store? Wouldn't they have stopped them as witnesses at the least? Not to mention that the video camera would have seen Fry being put into Bender, and likely passed the information on.

Historical Lies: It is claimed that the Trek religion reached its peak in the 23rd century. While guessing, it would seem from the frozen Fry scene in "Space Pilot 3000" that the 23rd century would have most probably been after the first alien attack when society was rebuilding as castles, not the futuristic society it appears in the flashback clip.

Solution by Snorlax422: As it's revealed in Bender's Big Score, the alien attacks happened around 2360. So therefore, the churches would have looked not like castles, but they would have been modeled after buildings in the Star Trek universe.

Murderers!: If the Trek religion was so powerful as to threaten world leaders, how was it so easy to crush it and kill its followers? Not to mention that if there were so many people following the religion, their political influence would be more than enough to stop any governments taking action.

Solution by Kyle Williams- The countries that are influenced are never revealed. They could have been very small countries. Countries like the US would still be more powerful and arranged the murder of the trekkies.

In addition, why do the trekkies just walk up to the volcano to be thrown in? You'd think they'd at least try to do something, at least pull the executers into the volcano with them.

Martyrdom, plain and simple.

Stupidity in Action: If the governments were so threatened as to execute all Star Trek followers, why were they so stupid as to leave copies of the show in existence and stick them on a planet somewhere? Also, they totally neglect to mention all the other Star Trek series, such as TNG, Deep Space 9, and Voyager. Yet more incredible is that they would leave the actors alive. If you're going to kill everyone in the religion, why not kill the religion's gods too?

solution by Kyle Williams: First, the entire episode is based on an episode of the original Star Trek. Second, the threat of trekkies is great, however, the actors played in other shows so they were probably spared for that reason. And lastly, the only reason for keeping the tapes is the same as for other crimes: evidence if the case is rexamined.

Head Apartments: Leonard Nimoy tells Shatner that he can't go with him into space because he just signed a lease on a new apartment. What in the world is a head going to do with an apartment?

Stop! Thief!: Why is Fry able to walk straight out of the Head Museum carrying Leonard Nimoy? Wouldn't the museum have something to say about that?

Solution by Eric: The heads are more or less employees, not property. They can leave, within reason, whenever they want. New!

Collision Alert!: Flying to the forbidden planet, the camera shows that there are four huge planets extremely close to each other. Given their incredibly close proximity, why haven't they all collided by now?

You Could Have Told Me: Leela says they are entering the Omega system long after another shot shows they're already basically on top of the planet they want to reach already. So they're clearly well into the system.

Pilot Error: Why does the ship suddenly lose control and plunge into the forbidden planet? If they had only just entered the system, why is it only a matter of seconds until they crash into the planet? If they are going at that kind of speed, they'd be killed instantly! Even if they were only in orbit when they lost control, the speed would be lethal, and definitely not such that they can simply walk out of the ship seconds later.

Where'd You Come From?: After the ship has crashed and the door pops off, you can see the crew walk out the door, coming through the corridor from the BACK of the ship, when only seconds before they were at the front of the ship. How'd they get there? In addition, not a drop of Leonard's water from his jar seems to have been spilled.

Set up: How did all the sets from the show get to the forbidden planet? You could see in a previous shot that there was no way all that could fit in the rocket being shot into the planet. Also, how does Shatner and the rest of the crew somehow come out of the rock prop?

What Are The Odds: How is it that the cast of Star Trek crashed onto the planet on the way to Welshey's cousin's house? What are the chances they'd happen to pass the exact planet the tapes are on? Not to mention, what were they going through there for, isn't that space forbidden?

Solution by Kyle Williams: It is possible that they could have been forced there by Melllvar.

Scotty!: Why did the energy being wait so long for Spock, but doesn't even care that he doesn't have the real Scotty?

Solution by Ross: Scotty was replaced by the other Original cast members, and since Melllvar idolizes them, he would go along with their decision and not include Scotty in his version of the cast.

Not to mention, if he's been waiting so long and is so powerful, why didn't he just go to Earth and get Leonard himself?

Solution by Ross: Remember, he lives in his parent's basement at age 34. I doubt they would let him make a massive trip to get another 'collectible'.

The Music Man: When Shatner is doing his song routine, where is the music coming from? There's no speakers anywhere!

Solution by Eric: Rock shaped speakers. They exist here on Earth now, they will exist in year 3000 on an alien planet. New!

Dummy!: How could Melllvar have not have known straight away that Khan was who Kirk stranded on Seti Alpha 5? That's an easy question: not only being an episode, but having an entire movie about it.

Beam Me Up!: Where are the energy beams that the Planet Express ship fires at Melllvar coming from? There's clearly nothing on the hull that they could be coming from!

You Know Nothing!: While some are correct, Melllvar and Fry are incorrect in citing episodes 56 and 66 as precedents for the battle to the death. While similar, these episodes do not involve two sides being forced into duels. One is an episode with a wild west simulation, and the other is one where Kirk fights some klingons on the ship (even though he was admittedly spurred on my the influence of an energy entity), but not forced duels to the death. In any case, Fry should have known that the way to "win" was to refuse to fight, for in all those episodes cited, the way the Enterprise crew won was to not fight.

Pedal Faster!: When Leela is testifying, you can see her foot operating a pedal to make the beeps occur, but where was that pedal for the others? It is clearly missing in earlier scenes. Also, Leela is barefoot, when she never appeared to have taken her boots off before going to the stand.

Someone Lose a Pillow?: When Uhura does her "fan dance" to distract Fry and Bender, she is using fans made of pink feathers, where in the world did they come from!?

Solution by Ross: There are many sets and props from Star Trek lying around, so it is quite possible for the fans to be among displays from their corresponding episode.

Sneaky Git!: How does Sulu sneak up behind Bender to karate chop him? He just suddenly appears there!

So Young: The energy being's mother says Melllvar is 34, but earlier it was said that Melllvar had been watching the tapes for hundreds of years, and there's no reason to believe he is lying.

Heads Up!: When the crew removed the actors' bodies to lighten their load, why didn't the decapitated bodies bleed? Also, where did all the extra head jars come from (with labels)?

Cease Fire!: During the huge amount of time the court martial was going on, why is it that Melllvar wasn't firing at the ship during that time? It would have been a sitting duck!

Don't Kill Me!: Whatever happened to the Nimbus in that later part of the fight? It's a huge warship, and didn't even intervene to stop Melllvar?