Cubert's Rants

The Cyber House Rules

What a Waste!: Why does the orphanarium waste so much money on a self-destructing basket and blanket just to send an invitation, when they are going broke and a normal letter would do?

Solution by Bosda: it's part of an unsuccessful line of exploding baby wear they tried marketing. How do you think they got in their poor financial condition? New!

Cheapass!: When Leela walks up to one of the orphanarium barred windows, there is clearly no glass in it. Why don't they just spend some money to get some glass rather than wasting their money on the reunion invitations?

He's Faking!: How does the blind and deaf man at the reunion know where to go in the room to make fun of Leela? He'd have no way of knowing where she was, or that she was even there!

Solution by Ross: Someone could have told him (Doing the Helen-Keller-Braille-hand thing) that she was there and angled him towards where she was standing.

Solution by Bosda: if you had turned on your Smell-O-Vision™ like everybody else, you'd realize that Leela give off a strong odor, like vinegar, violets & anchovey pizza, combined. (Fry likes all of the above, except vinegar, due to a 20th Century vinegar chug-a-lug contest he once participated in). The blind guy sniffed her out. New!

That's Illegal!: Why does the orphanarium boss offer the children to Fry or Bender? The law requires that anyone who adopts children be in a couple, and also be of good character, which Bender certainly isn't.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Earlier questions show that the orphanarium wastes money on metal bars and exploding invatations and alcohol so it isn't that suprising that they wouldn't exactly follow the rules.

That Hurts!: When told that she could look normal, Leela says "Me, perfectly normal?" and feels at her eye, putting her hand right onto it! How in the world can she do that, wouldn't it hurt a hell of a lot?

Solution by Ross: Leela wears a contact lens (You can see her putting it in during the episode "The Why of Fry"), so it is physically possible for her to "poke" at her eye without it being painful.

Solution by Bosda: Leela has demonstrated an enhance Mutant physiology on several occassions and a tough eyeball ain't out of the question. New!

Gimme Another Beer: Why is there a martini bar at the reunion? It appears to be free, and there is no way they could afford that but no glass in the windows!

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: He had to chose between a free bar, or windows. Or maybe bender started a tab.

How'd He Do That?: While it may be possible to add another eye to Leela to make her look a bit more normal, how was Leela's existing eye shrunk to make room?

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Shrink ray.

How'd She Do That?: When asked to follow a light in the operation's follow-up exam, Leela's fake eye doesn't follow it. However, just a moment later, when Zoidberg walks up to her and she looks, the fake eye does move!

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: It wasn't moving when he checked because something was wrong, but he didn't tell her yet because he wanted to ask her out. Then he noticed the eye was working properly again and decided not to tell her.

Don't Get Out Much?: Why does the Planet Express crew all go to Elzar's for dinner? Don't they know anywhere else?

Solution by Ross: Elzar's is the fanciest place in town, deserving of high occasions, and, since Bender is obsessed with Elzar, I doubt he would let the crew go anywhere else.

Solution by Bosda: the Professor has a Senior's Discount Card, & loves Elzar's Special...overcooked Farina. New!

Splat!: When Leela says that it is the most beautiful moment in her life, why does Zoidberg spray her with ink? He's not in danger!

Solution by Kyle Williams: Zoidberg must have wanted to ruin the moment.

Solution by Bosda: the diner at the next table was just served a plate of steamed crab. It was his Cousin Melvin (the crab, not the customer). New!

PTA Meetings?: Why does Bender say "I'm not going to another PTA meeting" when he finds he's losing money on the kids? The kids aren't even in school!

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: The kids wanted to go to school so he was going to PTA meetings to find the cheapest one.

Straight Flush: When he needs to flush himself, why does Bender press on his antenna? I thought that was the coffee dispenser in a previous episode!

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Who says it can't do two things?

Gotcha!: How did the police find out about Bender's mistreatment of the children to arrest him? There seems to be no real explanation at all!

Solution by Kyle Williams: Bender calls a restaurant to sell the children. The person who was talking to Bender could have been from the police. Also, records from the Orphanarium would make it possible for the police to know that Bender was mis-representing the weight of livestock.

Solution by Bosda: Bender has a cellphone in his chest cavity. He likes to keep children in there. One of the little finks ratted him out. New!

He's So Kind!: Why is the orphanarium boss happy about Bender's “gift” of twelve orpans? I thought he was trying to get rid of them!

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Maybe the cops told him how badly bender was treating them and realized they'd be a lot safer there then with Bender.

Solution by Bosda: Low intelligence, coupled with Bender's Scamming Unit turned all the way up to 11. New!