Cubert's Rants

Parasites Lost

Chicken!: In the stream of space-trucks at the start, the moon hick from "The Series Has Landed" can clearly be seen driving a truck of chickens. However, he certainly didn't seem to be a chicken farmer, let alone a trucker, in the previous episode, where he had to resort to using the Crushinator or a harvester for transport. Also, the chickens in the back have no pressurised suits or air supply, but they seem perfectly fine!

Solution by Bosda: SPACE CHICKENS! Alien, vaccum-breathing SPACE CHICKENS! Who don't need air to survive. What else would one raise on the Moon? Land o goshen.

Alcohol is Hazardous to Your Health: Why does Bender explode when he lights up his cigar while drinking alcohol (the ethanol & tonic)? Alcohol is not explosive at all, and doesn't even burn all that strongly!

Ripped Off!: When Fry walks back to the ship with his "egg sandwhich", it can clearly be seen that it only contains a black thing, which Fry identifies as a tomato! So where's the egg? Though it is possible that what he thought was a tomato was really an egg.

Solution by Bosda: SPACE CHICKENS! Alien, vaccum-breathing SPACE CHICKENS! Who happen to lay black eggs. Land o goshen.

Solution by DSS: Hey, it was, after all, a sandwich from Truck Stop men's room...you ain't gonna get everthing because whoever built that little machine was too lazy to make it perfect.

Solution by Eric: The sandwich is Egg salad which means diced, hard boiled eggs mixed with mayonnaise and pickle relish. New!

Shrinking Probes?: When Leela is wiping off the ship's windscreen, the Voyager probe can be seen stuck on the window. However, it isn't even remotely close to the size of the Voyager probes! Also, how did a mini-planet with rings get stuck on the windscreen? Not only did the ring appear to have been solid, unlike real ones, but something so tiny could never gain rings!

You're Fired!: Why doesn't the Professor fire Scruffy as janitor, considering he spends almost his whole time reading porno mags?

Solution by Seymour_My_Hero: The Professor is too busy building an army of nuclear mutants to do his bidding, he has no time to fire the janitor. Besides, how can you fire someone nobody knows?

Lucky Gits!: How did Fry, Bender, and Scruffy all survive the boiler explosion? Also, the explosion should have been tremendous, destroying the whole building, considering it was meant to be a plasma fusion reactor, which would be much like an H-bomb!

Solution by Red_Line: Cubert, you ignorant clone, it's not a "plasma fusion reactor", it's a "plasma fusion boiler"; Meaning that it's a low pressure heating boiler with a "plasma fusion" heat source. The steam is at low pressure and is not superheated so a rupture would not cause a catastrophic explosion. "Plasma Fusion" sounds quite impressive but it is a low power self-contained unit designed such that it would not be damaged by any conceivable failure of the pressure vessel and equipped with safety devices that would shut it down.

Shoddy Construction!: Why does the lead pipe that gets stuck in Fry suddenly break in half in Zoidberg's office? Not to mention how did he survive at all with it inside him, regardless of any parasites?

Solution by Red_Line: It doesn't break, the worms sawed it in half, you can hear that just before it breaks. And how did Fry survive? Simple, the worms were fixing him even before they cut the pipe and got it out of him.

Trucking is in my Heart!: Why does Fry sound like a truck in the stethoscope? There's no way the parasites would cause that!

Solution by Bosda: Water, gurgling in Zoidberg's ears. Or, possibly SPACE CHICKENS! Land o goshen.

Worm City!?: Firstly, how in the world did the worms build a high-tech city inside Fry's colon? After all, where would they get the materians, not to mention the impracticality of it all anyway! Also, how did Amy know that it used to be a dump? (then again, maybe I don't want to know that last one)

Solution by Kyle Williams: Fry has swallowed a lot of stuff he shouldn't have. As for Amy, Zoidberg could have already done a scan of Fry's body before.

Solution by Eric: Fry's colon used to be a dump; it's a colon it's going to be a dump. Amy's statement is a (very) gross generalization. New!

Mini-Atoms?: Perhaps the reason the Professor can't afford miniature atoms to miniaturise people is because there is no such thing! In accordance with the scientific principle of quantisation, it is completely impossible!

Faulty Net-Suit: When the Professor's mini-drone is talking to the others on the Professor's finger, why aren't they thrown off? After all, the mini-Professor moves his arms around, and it seems that everyone using the suits has to move just like their drone versions!

Blind Worms!: Why don't any of the worms in Fry's body notice the mini-Planet Express ship flying around? You Need a Tune-Up: Why would the worms work to improve Fry's body so much? There wouldn't really be any benefit to them!

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Maybe the worms were to busy maintaining Fry to notice or they didn't care since the PE ship wasn't doing anything to hurt Fry. And the worms tried to improve Fry so they could have a better home and keep Fry living longer and safer. The worms do rely on him as a host.

Fry Has AIDS!: While travelling through his blood, why isn't the mini-Planet Express ship attacked by any white-blood cells? Fry certainly doesn't seem to have any illness that would cause that!

Solution by Kyle Williams: Maybe the worms changed Fry's immune system.

Solution by Red_Line: Or maybe the immune system only attacks biological things and doesn't recognise the metal ship as a threat.

Can't Hold a Job!: Why is the guy from the truck-stop now working at a NNYC construction site? Also, whatever happened to his job before at Luna Park back in "The Series Has Landed"?

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: In the episode "The Series Has Landed" he admited to being lazy. I guess he keeps getting fired because of it.

Solution by Bosda: He is merely one of a large series of blue-collar labor clones (a member of the Clones Union, Local 338). Neither Space Chickens nor the land of Goshen have anything to do with this answer.

I See Change!: When travelling through Fry's stomach, the mini-ship pass by a penny with the date "1982" on the side. How would that be there!? After all, they certainly wouldn't be around to swallow in the future, and there is no way one could have stayed there all the time since he was frozen!

Acid-Washed Ship: Why is the mini-ship not damaged at all while in the stomach, especially considering the acid that it contains.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: The professor thought ahead and had the ship made of top quality metal.

Defective Tanks!: Why do the worm-tanks in the stomach explode when they hit the sphincter? After all, it didn't even damage the mini-Planet Express ship, and the tanks were barely moving when they hit it!

Solution by Bosda: cheap North Korean tanks! They'll do it to you every time....

How'd That Get There?: The worm capital building is partially build using a knife, but how would Fry have swallowed a knife, and had it get all the way to his colon, without any internal damage?

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: In the episode commentary, the producers say they had to cut a scene out that involved Fry eating all the silverware (which the worms were making him do) because they needed the metal to make buildings. That is why Hermes was eating popcorn with a Jai alai scoop when they were watching Ziodberg and Fry.

Bad Shots!: Why don't any of the worms hit the mini-crew members with their blade-firing guns, despite the fact that they have no cover at all? Where's Zoidberg?: How did Zoidberg get a riding harness for that sperm that he rides into the worm capital building?

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Maybe the drones the crew were using were made out of really thick metal. As for Zoidberg, maybe the worms made them. Who's to say Zoidberg is the first one to ride a sperm?

That Was Fast!: While admittedly it would be faster because Fry drank it, but how did Leela's mini-drone get down to where the others were in only a few seconds, when it took the others so long? Also, how did she get past the worm defences set up, like where the ship was shot at by the tanks?

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: When Leela made the drone, she shot it into Fry's coffee, then he drank it. She washed her way down there and the worms let it through to be digested and she made her way to the colon from there.

Quick Learner: How did Fry learn to play the holophoner so well? Regardless of how smart he is, he never had any lessons or other way to know how one worked! Also, when did he ever buy one, not to mention on his incredibly low salary!

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: He did have that My First Holophoner book and I guess he saved up if it was that expensive. No one ever mentions how much it costs.

Redecorating?: When Fry and Leela enter Leela's apartment, the first room is painted grey. However, only a few moments later, when Fry walks out the door, it can clearly be seen to be yellow behind him!

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Changing your wallpaper in the year 3000 is as simple as changing your desktop background on your computer, just point and click what you want and it's changed.

He's Made A Complete Recovery!: Only seconds after Fry was made hopelessly uncoordinated by cutting apart his hand-eye coordination lobe, he is suddenly back up and perfectly coordinated again! How did that happen!?

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: The worm king went back to the castle to tell everyone to leave. By that time, the worms would have seen a problem in his brain and started fixing them. The only problem is the king told them to leave before they could make him smart like he was before so they only fixed the basic parts.

He's an Idiot Again!: Why would Fry suddenly have become a weakling idiot again after the worms had left? After all, the worms clearly never seemed to undo their work!

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: He cut his brain up with a sword when he was fighting the worms.

My First Holophoner?: If the holophoner is only played by a few people in the universe, and even then not very well, why is it that Fry seems perfectly able to find a holophoner book for beginners?

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: eBay

Solution by Eric: The book for beginners comes standard with that brand of holophoner. New!