Cubert's Rants

The Cryonic Woman

Popular Ship!: Why would any toy manufacturer happen to make a spaceship toy 100% identical to the Planet Express ship? Also, the Professor would surely not pay for any to be made as a special case either.

Solution by Seymour_My_Hero: Mom's Friendly Robot Company also makes Friendly Toy Spaceships.

Pull!: How did the Planet Express ship lift the entire Planet Express building? It couldn't even lift a fish in "The Deep South"! Not to mention that in any case, it wouldn't have lifted the whole building off its foundations, and would only break off a tiny piece to which it was tethered!

Partial solution by Kyle Williams: The ship was not powered on nor configured to operate under water when the fish grabbed the tether.

Splat!: With the extremely fast take-off of the building, all the people who were in it and were flung against the wall would certainly have been dead. In any case, the Professor didn't even break a single bone (that could be noticed), when he surely would have broken many at his age.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: The professor made the building out of special materials that create a cushioing effect when objects are slammed against them. New!

Wheeee!: Why in the world would the Planet Express building have spun around the Millenium Arch? The way it was tethered and wrapped around the arch, it surely wouldn't have, but would have more likely broken the arch!

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: The arch was made out of incredibly strong materials. New!

Leaning Tower of BS: The Leaning Tower of Piza wouldn't be standing any more in 3001, it would almost certainly have fallen over before then.

Solution by Kyle Williams: The italians moved it after receiving the repaired tower from America.

Solution by Red_Line: Actaully, preservation efforts started in 1964, see The Leaning Tower of Pisa wiki entry.

Aren't You Over-Qualified?: Why would Applied Cryogenics hire the Prime Minister of Norway as a Cryogenic Counsellor? Wouldn't he be a bit overqualified (or rather unqualified in that specific area)?

Solution by Seymour_My_Hero: Who else is willing to defrost losers from the "Stupid Ages"? Besides, man of his caliber would surely be of use to Og, Gorilla Emperor!

Slow Business: Why would so many employees be needed at Applied Cryogenics? At most there could only be a few floors of tubes, meaning there wouldn't nearly be enough people being unfrozen to warrant four counsellors!

Solution by Seymour_My_Hero: They're only there when they need to say "Welcome, to the world of tomorrow!" In this episode, they just decided to hang around longer than usual.

Flies and Gorillas!: Why would the old man be mumbling to Fry about "flies, flies and gorillas", when Bender never actually got to use his gorilla headpiece?

Solution by Kyle Williams: He could have before Fry opened his pod.

1000th Anniversary?: Why would anyone want to have a special 1000th screening of a "Jury Duty 2", or any Paulie Shore film!?

Solution by Red_Line: because some moron decided they could make money off it, that's why.

What a Waste of Money!: Fry's parents were legally required to send him to school, regardless of if they thought it was a waste of taxpayer's money.

Sarcasm by Red_Line: Ohhh, yeah, laws never change.

Giant Roaches!?: How did roaches evolve to a giant size, like seen by Fry and Michelle? Not only would they be too small to hide, and so easy to kill, but even if they existed, it would be physically impossible for them to fly!

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: They're an alien species of roach that were brought in from another planet. New!

It's Suicide!: Given that he knows just how suicidal the job is, why would Hermes be willing to join the new crew of the Planet Express ship?

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Because they were going to the place were all their dreams come true. Who would want to miss that? New!

Burning Ruins?: Why is it that when Fry and Michelle are unfrozen, the ruins of the city around them are burning? Given how old the ruins appear, they would have burnt out long ago!

Metalhead!: During the deathrolling competition, why does Fry's head create huge numbers of sparks when it scrapes through the pipe?

Solution by Red_Line: it's been a while since he washed his hair.

Disappearing Lightpole: When Fry and the Kid Leader spin around the pole, the bandana is completely twisted around it, but in the next shot, the pole has suddenly disappeared and the bandana isn't wrapped around anything!

Solution by Seymour_My_Hero: Lightpoles of the future have no need for visibility or mass dependence.

48 Hours: How was Fry only frozen for two days? The Tube was set to 1000 years, and shouldn't have changed just because he was dropped into the desert.

Solution by Dominique Jaramillo: They were in Paule Shore's tube, which was sent to Los Angeles. When they realized it wasn't him, they took them out early. That's explained in the episode.

Unequal Treatment!: Why does the Professor drop Fry out of the ship at the end for what he did earlier, when he has just rehired Bender for doing the exact same thing!

Solution by Frosty: The Professor says that he's forgotten why he fired Fry in the first place, so he's probably forgotten why he fired Bender as well, and just goes along with it.Plus, Bender is also Og, gorilla emperor of earth!