Cubert's Rants

The Honking

Next of Kin??: How could Bender really be related to his "Uncle Vladimir"? His mother was an assembly robot, so wouldn't that suggest that his father was one too, and so that his uncle (being one of their brothers) should be one too, when he clearly isn't.

Solution by Bosda: how could a filthy little blob of tissue, cultivated from the back of a famous and wealthy scientist be a son & heir to said famous & wealthy scientist? I'm sorry, what was the question again?

Circuit Diagram!?: How could you fit the circuit diagram of an incredibly complex device such as a robot just inside their case? The one on the robot shown is clearly far too simple a diagram for a robot to work with. Also, Bender doesn't seem to have one there.

Freaky Cultists: It was said in the episode "Hell is Other Robots" that Robotology is not a mainstream religion, so why is it that everyone seems to need the robotology priest for their services (eg in "A BiCyclops for Two")? What are the chances that so many would belong to that minor church?

Solution by Bosda: he is only one of thousands of manufactured Reverendroids to come off the assembly line.

My Son?: How could Vladimir have a son? After all, he clearly wasn't a manufacturing robot, and so wouldn't have any "sons".

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Robots in the future make blueprints of what they want their following model robots to look like, and send them to the robot factories. Depending on the gender of the robots, the manufacturing robot is either the mom or dad.

Name Dropper!: The moving-eyes painting on the wall is of "Commodore LXIV" or "Commodore 64", but the robot in the painting looks nothing like a Commodore 64 machine.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Just because it doesn't look like one on the outside, doesn't mean it isn't one at all.

It's All Binary To Me: How could Bender find any great meaning out of such a short set of binary figures? They're far too short to contain any message of significance.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: It doesn't have an actual message, It's just a legend among robots that if you see 1's and 0's put in that particular order, it means something bad is giong to happen. Like when humans think they will get bad luck from breaking a mirror, walking under a ladder, or a black cat crossing your path. These actions have no meaning, but to humans, they mean bad luck.

Leaky Robots?: How in the world can the programming of robots "leak" out of coffins and infiltrate an old abandoned modem? Not to mention what was the modem doing there, and how does it somehow allow them to project themselves as holograms. Who built the hologram projectors into the castle? Also, the device the Professor digs up looks nothing like a modem, and more like some kind of LAN hub.

Slow News Day!: Why would a minor hit and run incident take up the full front page of the newspaper? It hardly even warrants a tiny article in the back pages!

Solution by Bosda: print-on-demand newspapers feature topics of particular interest to the subscriber on the front page, & the Planet Express crew loves tales of random mayhem.

Vrrrm, Vrrrm!: Why does the Bender Werecar make the noise of a petrol engine, when he presumably has an electrical engine like the original werecar?

Solution by Bosda: He's growling.

Teleporting Bender?: How was Bender supposed to have got into the elevator to run over the two thugs?

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: The curse makes him move VERY fast. The reason he doesn't go that fast after that was because it would end the moment too soon. He goes slow after that to enjoy the thrill of the chase.

Bad Hangover: How did Bender wake up in transmission fluid? Why would he spill so much of it? Also, how did he get taken into the impound yard? Wouldn't he run over anyone that tried to tow him? Not to mention where did the fuzzy dice in his chest cabinet come from?

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Before he changed back, he ran into another car and got the transmission fluid on him. The car also had the dice, which got knocked into him. As for waking up in the impound lot, he was never towed, he went there on his own to rest.

Invisible Money Dispenser?: Where did Bender pull the second coin to pay the fortune teller from? He seems to just pull it from the centre of his chest, without opening his chest cabinet.

Solution by Bosda: it's the same coin. Bender had a string tied to it, & retrieved it. He's cheap.

Ancient Werecar Technology: Why is the "readme file" about werecars for Windows 98? Wasn't the first werecar made long after anyone would care about Windows 98?

Solution by Red_Line: Cubert, Cubert, Cubert. You're only 12 and you were born in 3000 - obviously you've never heard of Windows 2998.

Morons!: Why did Leela and Fry weld Bender to the wall and just leave him? Wouldn't they at the very least watch him? After all, it was quite likely Bender could escape the restraints.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: It was a very powerful welder. And they both had stuff they needed to do and if it didn't work, they wouldn't want to be in the same room as a suicidal car-bot.

Hidden Tyres?: How does Bender change into a werecar? He doesn't have any rubber to form tyres out of in him, and the werecar is clearly bigger than Bender in his robot form, and it is impossible for him to suddenly form more matter. That is without mentioning the simple impossibility of turning into a werecar at all.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: The thing that makes him change into a were-car is the evil from the original car that is passed on to victims. Its not a technical process, it's a supernatural one, like ghosts, the headless horeseman, or Freddy Kruger.

Hot-Wired Crane?: How did Leela start up the crane? She doesn't have any keys or anything, and I doubt she could just start it up in the few seconds she had.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Sal, the lazy guy, was the last person to use it and being lazy, he left the keys in. The crane is also really easy to use.

Solution by Bosda: the crane has an electronic lock on it, and, as electronics have been obsolete for ages, Leela's wrist gadget-thingee hacked the lock easily. New!

Smelly Robots!: Fry says that he "used to have a friend who liked to smell things with me", referring to Bender, but Bender is a robot who clearly can't smell, he doesn't even have a nose!

Solution by Red_Line: Yes he does, he just never wears the damn thing. (2ACV13)

Prototype Nonsense: Firstly, why does Project Satan make the noise of a petrol engine starting when the scientists started it? It is electric! Also, how did it somehow gain intelligence, and the ability to infect other robots with the werecar program? Not to mention that there was no way the original Calculon had the hardware or programming potential to become a werecar, or to do all the things it did to get to where it was in 3000.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Like I said earlier, it's not a technical process, it's a supernatural one. All that evil did the impossible.

Jump Bender! Jump!: On the jumps, where Bender's werecar and Project Satan almost collided, Bender's car passed under Project Satan by a fair distance, and Project Satan only barely made it to the other side. Therefore, wouldn't it suggest that Bender would not have made the jump, but crashed into the other jump?

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: The evil car's ramp made it go higher then forward, while Bender's was just right, so bender was going at the jump perfectly while the evil car went to high, and quickly aimed downward to hit the ramp.

Round and Round: In Mother's Day no-one had heard of the wheel, but Bender said 'It crept around on all fours on round rubber wheels like a wolf'. Since Bender wasn't around when Fry 'invented' the wheel, how could he know what a wheel was? by Jodes

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: They told Bender about it when he got back.