Cubert's Rants

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Heady Stuff: Where'd they get the heads of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln? They wouldn've been horribly decayed!

Solution by Bosda: I dunno, Cubert. Do ya think the 31st Century might have CLONES, do-ya-do-ya-do-ya?

How Eagle...: Isn't it illegal to kill eagles? Not to mention, the dash doesn't look like it is inlaid with eagle beaks.

Solution by Bosda: Isn't it unrealistic to expect a car salesman to tell the truth?

$60,000!: Amy isn't dumb enough to go up from the sticker price! She may not be brilliant, but she is an engineering student, and can still get Cs.

Solution by Seymour_My_Hero: C's are the equivalent of a 21st century F, but no one bothers to tell her that. Besides, she thought it was an auction, who hasn't done that before? New!

Mercury Rising: There is no chance that you could drive around Mercury with the top down, even if it was somehow terraformed. Especially once the car's power failed, they would have been killed by all the radiation and heat, as well as the lack of air.

Gas Shortage: Why is it that Amy's car can drive from Earth to Mercury without using too much fuel, but it runs out of fuel in less than one orbit of Mercury.

Solution by Bosda: The trip to Mercury wasn't in a gravity field, the surface cruise was.

Night at the Movies: Why would Hermes, a bureaucrat, tell everyone about the movie he saw? That's criminally inefficient!

Poor Zoidberg: When did Zoidberg become so poor? He used to be rich!

Solution by Seymour_My_Hero: Zoidberg played the lottery and invested in internet stock in his off hours. New!

Devious Bender: Bender would know that pimping is illegal, and certainly not think that pimping is a devious new idea.

Solution by Seymour_My_Hero: The Anti-Pimping Act of 3001 was put into act the day before his arrest, so Bender thought it would be his best new chance at some law breaking. New!

Zoidberg's Moment of Glory: Given that Zoidberg is so horribly incompetent, how did he manage to graft Fry's head onto Amy's body, when even the best 20th century doctors (with real degrees) can't do that?

Solution by Matt Wilkerson: You have to look at it with a 31st century perspective. The most incompetent quacks alive today are probably considerably better doctors compared to the best doctors who were alive a thousand years ago. Maybe head grafts are routine surgery in the 31st century that even Zoidberg can do whereas doctors practicing medicine 1000 years ago from today knew nothing about simple modern-day operations like appendectomies or skin grafts.

Al Gore?: There is already a $500 bill, and Al Gore is certainly not on it. Also, the treasury decided to get rid of $500 bills ages ago.

Solution by Bosda: So? When the brought back the $500, they put Gore on.

Elzar Burger: Why does Elzar, a super-expensive chef, serve hamburgers? Fry was eating one during dinner!

Solution by Bosda: The Universal Hamburger Act of 2888 requires all restaurants to keep burgers on the menu.

Disfiguring Scar?: Why is it that the disfiguring scars on Fry and Amy suddenly disappear by the next episode?

Solution by Seymour_My_Hero: Its there, you're just not paying close enough attention to detail. New!