Cubert's Rants

Lesser of Two Evils

Aracno Spores?: If tobacco advertising is illegal because it is dangerous, then why is a fatal spore allowed to be advertised? Also, I don't think that "Arachno Spores" is all that funny a name, as the ad claims.

Solution by Red_Line: Ok, first off, Tobacco advertising is not illegal (at least in the USA where Futurama is set, a fact you seem to forget Cubert). Second Like tobacco, arachno-spore penetrated the market and were well established before anyone started objecting to them, so now they would be fighting against big money lobbiests. And seconf Cubert, if you were so smart, you'd be the one they were paying the big money to come with advertising slogans.

Cuff Him!: Url cuffed the centipede criminal, but when they took him outside, he had no cuffs on.

It's all History: Given that the people in 3000 seemed to know a fair bit about the 20th century (they even know about the dumb "Single Female Lawyer" TV show), why do they believe there are mammoths and cowboys?

Solution by mtvcdm - You know those unfortunate sites that get left to rot? The one Amy found was most likely one of them.

Use the Force: There is an ad in the background of Old New York for "Star Wars 9: Yoda's Bar Mitzvah". However, Yoda died in Star Wars 6 (well past bar mitzvah age), and also George Lucas said he'd stop making Star Wars movies after he made the three prequels.

Hit the Wall: Since when did Wall Street in 2000 have a big digital display of the Dow Jones? Also, how did the brokers survive jumping off the building?

Secret Message: What is really all THAT difficult about understanding the street sign?

Solution by mtvcdm - Okay, smart guy: how would you enforce a leash law by way of radar?

Plasma's Reply - Is that what it said? You can't see all the text on my realvideo version.

Hit the Road: How did "Past-O-Rama" get a working car from 2000? With fuel!? Also, why would they want to move it from the display?

Solution by Bosda: A replica vehicle, actually powered by whale oil. Probably used as a parade vehicle, periodically. New!

Super Bumpers!: How did the old car go through a brick wall? Also, how did they get into a theatre?

Rub my Ass!: How does Flexo feel Fry rubbing his back, when he is basically a metal case, with no visible way of sensing touch?

Pervert!: Why do Bender and Flexo accurse Fry of being a pervert? They're in a strip joint, so isn't that the point!? Also, it was said in "Hell is Other Robots" that the robots in strip joints didn't wear cases?

It's Funny Because it's Poisonous: Chlorine is green, not purple, and also, that amount of chlorine would easily kill him.

Jumbonium? More Like Bullonium!: How is it that jumbonium has visible leptons (protons and neutrons) as well as electrons. Also, why does it only have three electrons? Not to mention that electrons are not discernible particles as in the jumbonium molecule. Also, such a large atom would decay almost instantly, and how does it float over the tiara?

P.E. Bath Toy?: Where did the professor get a miniature of the Planet Express ship as a bath toy?

Solution by Bosda: Since the Professor designed the Planet Express Ship in the first place, an engineering scale model must exist. A simple plastic casting could be made from that. New!

Suspicions: Why did Fry want to get rid of the map to see if "Bender" was Flexo, when he could simply look over the map, or around it?

Solution by Jodes: For dramatic effect, duh, duh, duh!

Strange Beings: How does "Miss Methane Planet" stay together? Also, an energy-based being is impossible! Also, given that there isn't a single human in the contestants, why is the entire audience human?

Solution by Bosda: Miss Methane keeps it together by plain' it cool, Baby! Since an energy-based being is onstage, I'd say they aren't, wouldn't you? And, it's a Human-colonized world. New!

Darwin Was Wrong!: How did a creature evolve with a trumpet for a nose?

Slow Running!: If Flexo saw Bender stealing the atom, and ran to see Bob Barker, why did the Planet Express crew get to him first, especially considering that they spent ages searching the ship.

Interstellar Police: Why are there only two cops (Url and his partner) anywhere in the universe. Normally they are on Earth, and why would Earth police have jurisdiction over such a far away planet?