Cubert's Rants

Xmas Story

Kids!?: The ski lodge admits children under 90 for free. If that is the case, then almost everyone would get free entry. For example, the vast majority of people you can see at the lodge are certainly younger than 90.

Good Skiing!: How exactly does the Professor ski so well asleep?

Solution by DSS: We all do incredible/ weird stuff when sleepwalking, don't we? New!

Trees Up!: When Fry says "Trees up" and is hit by a tree, he is already far past where any trees were before!

Solution by DSS: More trees were set up ahead, they just weren't onscreen at that point. New!

Trees Down!: When Fry again says "Trees down", they don't go down the same way that they came up.

Solution by DSS: The trees can go in either direction. New!

One Man Bobsled: Where did Hermes get a one man bobsled? Also, how was he expecting to start off without pushing?

Solution by DSS: Possible some were avalible. Also, mabye a hidden rocket booster was on the bobsled. New!

More Good Skiing!: How did the Professor register for a contest while asleep? How did he climb the medal dias?

Solution by DSS: Once again, we just do the weirdest crap sleepwalking. New!

I Was Going to Ax That: "Ask" hasn't been replaced by "Ax"! It is used many times in other episodes!

My Xmas Cards!: How did Fry get Xmas cards? Who would send him any, apart from people at the office, who would probably send Leela some too?

Chimney?: When did a chimney get installed in the Planet Express building?

Anti-Santa Rockets?: Why would you want an anti-Santa rocket launcher? What are you meant to do with it? Attack Santa? If so, the past buyers of the rockets obviously haven't done too well!

Well Trained Slug!: In the pet store, there was a live neptunian slug, with plenty of room in its cage. Shouldn't it grow to fill up the cage?

Solution by Jodes: The slugs only grow when they are mad or under threat.

LCD?: What's the deal with the giant LCD screen where you can hold onto the numbers?

My Saviour!: Why was Leela waiting at the window to rescue Fry?

Solution by Umbreon: There was no way she could have known for sure where Fry was going to be, we all know that. But being the quick thinker that Leela is, she went with the most logical solution: Get to a high vantage point so she can find him before Santa does. It just so happens that parrots (and any people that happen to be chasing them) like high spots too. She was looking out the window when she heard Fry slip, so she waited for '7' and grabbed him.

Evil Santa!: Why was Santa equipped with a machine laser, and programmed to kill naughty people? Even though he may accidentally be programmed with high standards, there is no way he would be given weaponry! Imagine the liability cases that could result from that!

4th Day of Xmas?: It isn't the fourth day of Xmas as Bender says, it should be the first!

Solution by Umbreon: It's a common song, Bender simply changed the words to suit the occasion. We haven't had 12 days of Christmas in a looooong time, but we still sing it. You'd think someone would use their oversized brain and figure that out.

It's the Thought That Counts: Why did Hermes buy combs for Zoidberg, when he didn't know that Zoidberg would have any hair?

The Chimney Cover: Why wouldn't the chimney cover have been closed anyway?

Cooked Santa: Why can Santa go down a chimney while a fire is in it? He must have been standing in the fire when he rolled back the chimney cover!

Kaboom!: If the raindeer and Santa were supposed to blow themselves up, how did they survive?

Dinner on the Run: How did Bender get the bird off the street, he never had time while being chased by Santa!

I'm Hungry: Why would Tinny Tim be hungry? After all, he doesn't eat, as he is a robot!