Cubert's Rants

A Head in the Polls

Last Man On Earth?: Why is that man the last man on Earth? Given the horrible destruction, how did he and the library survive? Also, why did his eyes, hands and the like fall off?

Death Adder?: Why did "John Quincy Adding Machine" go on a killing spree? If he was an adding machine, how and why would he?

Why Bother?: Why did the "Voter Apathy Party" bother showing up? Why even bother registering, if he doesn't care? Also, why was he so enthusiastic to sign up Fry when he found he didn't care? That isn't very apathetic of him!

Solution by Bosda: AH! The idealism of youthful clones! Cubert, no political party really stands for the things it claims to support. The Apathy Party supports Apathy the same way various Family-Values Parties support families-i.e. by undermining them. So the Apathy Party is out to stir up interest in its self. New!

What a Kick!: How did Bender get kicked from "Rook Takes Pawnshop", through the top window of the Planet Express building?

Skintight Pants?: I know it was intentional, but why would someone who sold their body buy skintight pants?

Shaken, Not Stirred: How do you mix a martini in Bender's head? Also, if Bender's antenna can simply be removed, why did he cut it off in "I, Roommate"?

Solution by Jodes: He can only take it off because of the mutilation he suffered in "I, Roomate".

Always Bet on Black: Why did the croupier think that Bender's head was the roulette ball?

Solution by Kyle Williams: He knows Bender is not a roulette ball but does not care. Look at the expressoin on his face.

Strike!: Wouldn't it be a foul, not a strike, when Bender used his head as a bowling ball? He crossed the foul line!

Head Exhibition?: How does the head museum hold special exhibitions? What do they do with the heads the rest of the time? Stick them in a warehouse?

Hall of Presidents?: Why are all the president heads kept in the "Hall of Presidents"? Back in "Space Pilot 3000", they were kept in the main room, and there didn't seem to be any reason for it to be different then.

Solution by Kyle Williams: Fry's little performance with Nixon (in 1ACV01) might have prompted better security.

Solution by Bosda: The Hall of Presidents is a “special exhibition”. Old & tired exhibits get rotated around, in a useless effort to make them seem fresh. The rest of the time, the heads are rented out to barber colleges & beauty schools as test dummies. New!

Two for One?: Why are there two heads for Grover Cleveland? He was elected twice but there weren't two of him so how did they get another head? by Frosty

Solution by Jodes: The heads are clone of the celebrities, how else would someone survive for 1,000 years? Which is why presidents which are already dead such as Nixon and Washington can still be alive in the 30th century. There are two clones of Cleveland, so there can be two heads.

Out of Order!: Who is the President following Bill Clinton? He certainly doesn't seem to be an ex-president, nor is he one of the candidates. In the image to the right you can see his surname appears to end in "lmore", so perhaps it is "Gilmore", but that still doesn't solve the problem. Also, in a later shot, he is no longer there!

Hook Me Up!: How does a head in a jar connect to Bender's robotic body? Also, the "no-body" technicality isn't correct, as that is not the language the constitution uses.

Solution by Kyle Williams: They are talking about Earth's Constitution, the U.S.'.

Snatch & Grab: How did Fry get his clothes in only a few seconds of the TV press conference? They certainly weren't there before!

Solution by Bosda: there was a commercial. Fry skipped the bathroom break/pizza run. New!

Party Time!: How is Nixon a top contender for the presidency? He isn't a candidate for either of the major parties, which is undeniably necessary in the US system.

Solution by Kyle Williams: This is the Earthican voting system, not U.S.

Supercomputers: Computers in 3000 are certainly more than twice as fast as the computers of 1973.

Solution by Bosda: Computers are faster, but Nixon ain't any swifter. New!

Impeach Him!: Nixon can't do illegal things, even if he is a President, as he can still be charged and impeached.

Solution by Bosda: Computers are faster, but Nixon ain't any swifter. New!

Robot Votes?: Why would robots be given the vote? After all, if that were the case, someone could easily just build a whole lot of robots and have them vote that person into the presidency!