Cubert's Rants

When Aliens Attack

Licensed Pizza Shop?: I don't know what the laws are like in America, but in Australia a pizza store like Pannuchi's could certainly not sell alcoholic beverages, like the beer Fry spilled.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Its been 1000 years so its not too suprising to see some laws change.

Solution by Red_Line: Cubert, you little dweeb, you're an American (or at least cloned from one), you should know that most pizza shops sell beer.

Boozehound!: Why does the one guy in the control room order a six-pack of beer while he is on the job?

Solution by Kyle Williams: Because he only cares enough about his job to make sure his pay is safe.

Wrong! All Wrong!: No show called "Single Female Lawyer" was screened in 1999, not to mention cut off.

Semi-Solution by mtvcdm - Of course not. Anyone that watches any quantity of Fox would know that's a parody of Ally McBeal. Though I see no reason why Futurama could have said 'Ally McBeal', seeing as they're on the same network.

Plasma's Rebuttal - I figured that, but so what? This is a nitpick, and they are still wrong

1000 Light Years?: After 1000 years, the signal from Earth would be far too weak for tho Omicronians to receive, not to mention they couldn't understand it, or even decode the TV signal. Also, the signals wouldn't have arrived after 1000 years, as what "light year" measurement is being used? Either way, it would have arrived too early or too late, as a "light year" would have changed along with the speed of light in 2208.

Partial solution by Trevin Bernhard: The Omicronians were using very powerful equipment to recieve the signal and translate it.

I Don't Get Your Angle: The angle Hermes hit Fry with the rolled-up paper from would mean he'd have to be standing on the couch on top of Bender!

Nice Sunglass!: Where does Leela buy her one-eyed sunglasses (or should it be sunglass)?

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: She pays the store she goes to for themto be custom made. I mean, it's not that hard to make a one-eyed pair(?) of sunglasses.

Nibbler!: How did Nibbler remove Amy's bikini, there's no way he could have done it considering how he was eating the hamburger beef.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: His tooth got caught on it and he just kept going.

Prison Break!: Why in the world would there be sirens and spotlights for a fish trap? Not to mention why are those sort of crab traps set up at a swimming beach?

Where's the kaboom?: When the Omicronians blow up the White House (a la Independance Day), there is no big fire ball, only a big cloud of dust and tidbits of debris. In the film Independance Day, the explosion contains a dust cloud, large amounts of debris, and a big fire ball. by DSS

Solution by Bosda: A rabbit stole their Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator.

Stars & Stripes: When the camera angle changes during Zapp's speech on TV, a flag appears in the background that wasn't there in earlier shots. Also, why would Earth have a flag almost identical to the USA, which is only one country?

Solution by mtvcdm - America, seeing as we got all this territory in less than 200 years, most of it by simple annexing, probably did this to the rest of the Americas, won a bunch of wars to get the rest of the planet, and there you go.

Hold Onto Your Helmets!: Why is it that Fry has a helmet, but Leela doesn't? Meanwhile, Bender has almost no uniform.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: bender is a robot and probably only needed the skirt thing he had, leela didn't wear a helmet because her ponytail would get in the way.

Vicious Hubble!: Why was the Hubble Space Telescope firing lasers at the DOOP ships? Also, the Hubble telescope looks nothing like what Fry blew up, and it wouldn't still be around in 3000.

Solution by Kyle Williams: Upgrades, constant repairs, and very good defense mechanisms.

Super-Yahoo!: How could Amy simply search for "single female lawyer" and find stuff on the TV show? Anyone who has used a search engine would know that wouldn't happen.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Maybe she didn't just search Single Female Lawyer, maybe she also put in the date and the network that broadcasted it.

Earth's Best?: Why do the Planet Express crew have to make the show? Considering the incredible ease they had in finding out about it, wouldn't the Earth government have made their own, better version of the show?

Solution by DSS: Considering that the invasion was unexpected, I don't think the government would have enough time on their hands to make a newer, better show due to how long it takes to even make just one episode. So the crew had to make it as fast as possible, even on a cheap production value. New!

War & Peace it 'aint!: If there are only two pages of dialogue, why is the script book so thick? Also, if the show has to go for an hour, why does it only last a few minutes?

Solution by Kyle Williams: We don't know how much of the book is blank.

Wretched Sinner!: In the celebrations on the streets of New New York, you can see one of the robots from the Church of Robotology in "Hell is Other Robots" coming out of Sparky's Den, from the same episode. What is the robot doing in such a place of sin? He will go straight to robot hell!

Solution by Kyle Williams: Yes he will go straight to hell but like Bender, this did not stop him.