Cubert's Rants

Mars University

Super Tranquiliser!: A tranquiliser dart actually takes quite a while to work, and certainly couldn't knock out Guenter as fast as it does.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Maybe not now, but in 1,000 years it can.

I can Breathe!: If he never inhaled, how could Fry hold his breath and talk for as long as he did? Wouldn't he just pass out? (yes, I know that was an intentional joke)

Solution by DSS: Fry must've had some record for going the longest without inhaling. New!

Robot Shack!: How is it that robot house has only three people in the whole place?

Solution by Bosda: It was the least popular fraternity on campus! They even said so. Quit picking you nose, & pay attention!

I'm Famous!: Why would Bender be famous? Wouldn't he just be the same as any other bending robot made? Also, why would he have to go to Bending College? Wouldn't all the needed knowledge just be made firmware (ie hardwired into him)?

Solution by Bosda: Bender had his knowledge downloaded into him, true, but a University Education is more than just classrooms, it's a social experience! Thus, his Greek fraternity membership. And Bender is on of a kind, particularly in his degeneracy. Thus, his frathouse fame. John Belushi would have been proud. And then Bender would have stolen his wallet.

Enroll?: Coney Island Community College requires you be a certain height to "enroll", but it is spelt "enrol". Though admittedly they aren't the most prestigious college in existence.

Solution by Kyle Williams: An 'L' could have fallen off and the College is to lazy to have it fixed.

Here's my Qualifications: Why does Fry carry around his Coney Island Community College notice of failure to graduate? Not to mention why is it in such good condition? He would have had to be carrying it when he was frozen to still have it, and that is very unlikely.

Solution by Bosda: Fry was kicked out of his apartment by his girlfriend, and likely kept all his essential papers in his wallet.

Addition by mtvcdm - One-upping you, how do you drop out of a college which is essentially a flat roller coaster in the first place? Did the car go off track and ram the hot dog stand?

Super-Fast Computer!: Why is it that the room the robots spy on seems to have a Mac Classic, in the year 3000!? Even if it isn't, it still seems incredibly low-tech for 3000.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: It was an appearance thing. It is still up to date, it just looks old.

Poor Construction!: Why does the front of the computer the robots spy on just come off? Shouldn't it be screwed on?

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: In the future, you just push a button then sort of yank it off. It makes checking the computer easier.

More Poor Construction!: Also, I doubt the entire servant's quarters would simply collapse because the robots fell on it.

Solution by Leela+Fry: How heavy do you think all of those robots are combined? Yeah.

Solution by Bosda: Bender is quite heavy, and Fatbot ALONE could have collapsed that roof!

Science Fiction Rubbish?: Why does the Professor say that genetic engineering is a bunch of "preposterous science fiction mumbo-jumbo"? In "A Clone of my Own", he quite clearly says everything is possible if you can imagine it, not to mention we already can carry out genetic engineering in the 20th Century.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: He was comparing it to how they do things in the year 3000. As for his clone, genetic engineering is so easy at that point in time, It's probably as simple as cooking dinner.

Illiterate Monkey!: Geunter shouldn't be able to write! The thumbs of most primates are in such a way that they cannot use the precision grip that is needed to write with a pen or pencil!

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: The professor genetically made him that way.

How'd he Notice?: How did the dean know that Fatbot ate his portrait? Fatbot was finished before he looked, so he probably wouldn't have noticed.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Who else would have done it? He's probably eaten things before and has a history of it so he just looks for him when something important, (like a portrait or ship in a bottle), gets eaten.

Mmmm... Punch: How does Fry have a glass of punch when he goes back to his room, he clearly wasn't carrying it on his way to the room.

Solution by Bosda: the Food Sythensizer in the dorm lobby, of course.

A+!: The Professor says that Geunter handed in a paper smeared with faeces, but he clearly never did that in the exam.

Solution by Bosda: Look at the BACK of the exam. Though I don't know why the Professor was suprised or upset...Geunter WAS an Undergraduate, after all, and they are hard to distinguish from monkeys, for most faculty members.

Wait a Minute...: I know it was an intentional joke, but what in the world was an elephant doing up a tree?

Non-Solution by mtvcdm - Freaking people, like you, out.

Solution by Leela+Fry: Maybe it's a hybrid elephant that preys on tree-dwelling mammals.

Solution by Bosda: Ah...the rare Arboreal Ambush Elephant...Nature is magnificent, isn't it?

Instant Boat Repair: How did Robot house suddenly fix up the hole in their boat, and get some water skis? Also, how did they end up winning the race considering they were held up so much by Bender's "shortcut", and the hole in the boat?

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Bender got the ski's and boat repair kit out of his chest compartment. As for the race, maybe the short cut did work except the race is usualy really long and they just barely beat them.

Imposter!: Why is Amy on the Robot House float in the parade, she's not from there!

Solution by Bosda: Kappa Kappa Wong didn't field their own float that year.

Solution by Kyle Williams: Her parents paid so much to the dean that Amy was allowed to be in the parade.