Cubert's Rants

A Flight to Remember

Finger Lickin' Good: Why did Bender think the food from Cannibalon was good? He doesn't eat!

Free Holidays?: Why would the Professor pay for the crew to go on a free holiday in return for them not reporting his violation of minimum-wage laws? Wouldn't a cruise on the Titanic cost more than just paying them minimum wage (even if it is only on the "Fiesta Deck")?

Solution by Kyle Williams: We don't know how long the crew has been working at Planet Express, or what the minimum wage or price of the cruise was. It is possible that with the amount of hours put into the job, it would have been easier to bribe the crew with the flight.

Solution by Bosda: The Professor found it cheaper to cash in his frequent spaceflier miles from his credit card, instead of, well, actual money. You wouldn't believe how many bonus points you get for buying just ONE box of mild Farina.

Preferential Treatment!: Why does the Professor pay for Hermes and Zoidberg to get good rooms while he sends the others to the "Fiesta Deck"? Also, why does Zoiberg get a marble tank, when in other episodes he is obviously broke?

Solution by Red_Line: Hermes (2ACV11) and Zoidberg (2ACV10) are close friends of the Professor's, the others are just employees.

Robot Countess?: Why are there rich robots (ie the Countess)? It was made quite clear in "Fear of a Bot Planet" that robots were almost invariably labourers, and certainly not aristocracy.

Solution by Kyle Williams: Rich robots were made for the same reason priest bots were built. What that reason is, i don't know.

Comet Attack!: In one view of the Titanic, three comets fly past it in only a few seconds. There is no way there could be that many comets in one area of space!

Solution by Bosda: As one approaches a Black Hole, stars, asteroids & other debris, attracted by the BH's massive gravitational field, are found more often. Also Zap was playing "chicken" with inanimate objects, until Kif point out that such games end badly.

Is That a Regulation Track?: The running track at the 2980 games that Hermes is standing on only has 5 tracks!

Solution by Kyle Williams: Olympic limbo only has 5 tracks, didn't you know.

Bad Choice of Equipment: Why does Hermes wear running shoes for a limbo contest? Wouldn't they just add to his height and be a disadvantage?

Solution by Leela+Fry: Hey, he needs to run the course too. He's such a good limbo-er that such a small detail as that would not affect him.

More Comets!: In another view from the cockpit, there is an even larger and impossibly dense field of comets. Also, if they are as incredibly close to the black hole as they look, then why don't all the comets go into that black hole?

Solution by DSS: It's quite likely the the comets were moving at such a speed, that not even the black hole could reach them. Plus, the black hole itself was probably smaller than the average black hole, so it was possibly weaker.

It's Breaking up!: If the ship was breaking in half, between where the crew were and the escape pods, then how did they get through to the pods?

Business Clothes?: Why is Hermes wearing his complete limbo clothes on a cruise ship?

Solution by Bosda: he feels the need to party in a split instant; sort of a Jamaican Miniteman, doncha know, mon?

Two Tonnes?: If the Countess weighs two tonnes (plus the high gravity), how does she simply rise out of the flooding room with a propellor which clearly couldn't lift that much weight?

Solution by Bosda: she has a boyant bustle. All REAL ladies have a boyant bustle, right?

Fry's Nebula: As you fall into a black hole, time slows down to nothing as you approach the event horizon, so it takes an infinite amount of time to fall into a black hole. Therefore, as the nebula and the Titanic fall into the black hole, they should slow down, not instantly fall in! Also, as they fall in, their colour should change due to the doppler effect of time slowing down.

New rants by Jodes:

Torn: In the intro, before the main titles, the Professor informs the crew that he's booked them on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. How come when Leela says "Looks nice," at the beginning of the "scary" Titanic montage, the right side of her shirt is undamaged and then in the middle of the "scary" Titanic montage, it suddenly becomes torn?

Nosey: After Hermes has limboed under the door he is being told off by LaBarbara, how come Amy is standing next to her but her nose is missing. From front on her nose is usually a half circle.