Cubert's Rants

Hell is Other Robots

Liar!: Fry says he has been waiting 1000 years to see a Beastie Boys concert. That isn't really true, as he hasn't been waiting, he's been cryogenically frozen.

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: As if Fry analysed it.

Wanna Beer?: How does Bender store beer in his head? Not to mention he prefers to drink hard liquor. Also, what happened to all the internal workings in his chest as seen in "Fry & the Slurm Factory"?

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: He probably has a cylinder-shaped container in his head which he can get drinks from. He likes beer too, you know.

Solution by Bosda: Outside food & drink are often banned from concerts, to protect the concession income. So Bender must have...a smuggling compartment. Hee-hee-hee.

Sound & Water?: How exactly do the heads in jars sing? Not to mention how do their microphones work?

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: The same way they talk. I think I remember something saying it was actually an oily goo and not water that they were in. They probably just have the microphones for show

Old Fashioned: Why would people still like to listen to 20th century music? Not to mention, you don't mosh to classical music!

Solution by mtvcdm - Moshing's probably the 30th century quivalent of the waltz

Solution by Kyle Williams: That might be true. Remember that a thousand years ago we did not have the methods to record music. now we do and it is possible that in a thousand years 20th century music would still be played and enjoyed, much like classical music is today.

Moonlighting?: Why does Scruffy push the Beastie Boys off stage? How could he be janitor at Planet Express AND Madison Cube Garden?

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: Moonlighting? Or he got fired from Madison Cube Garden and then hired by Planet Express

I need it like a hole in my head: Where did the power socket in Bender's head come from? It's not there the rest of the time, not to mention why would he have the socket if he is alcohol-powered?

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: Invented by some madman, perhaps the same man who invented robots.

Nice eyes!: Why in the world do Bender's eyes show what he is seeing? That just doesn't make sense! After all, you can never see what Bender can see the rest of the time.

Bad Programming: Wouldn't Bender just be programmed not to want to jack-on?

Solution by mtvcdm - People miss things in production. Remember Windows 95?

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: Also he stopped obeying his programming restrictions in 1ACV01 when he got shocked by that light bulb.

Power Withdrawl?: How could Bender have withdrawl from jacking-on, when withdrawl is caused by chemical dependence, and no such thing could effect a robot?

Solution by mtvcdm - Same reason I have Survivor withdrawl for the moment: we like it so much, we don't exactly feel like living without it.

Plasma's Rebuttal - That is just sad... :-)

Fried Fry: Why does Fry's short hair stand on end, but Leela's longer hair doesn't?

Solution by mtvcdm - Leela's scrunchie does wonders, doesn't it?

Static Static: Why is it that Fry's hair is still standing on end after he is back on Earth? The static would discharge and his hair go back down once he was earthed?

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: Maybe he got staticed again later.

Robotology?: Why would robots accept religion? Not to mention, who builds priest-bots?

Solution by mtvcdm - God-bots made from nothingness. I read the Bible once, you know.

Mineral Oil?: Why would Bender want to drink mineral oil? That would be horribly inefficient, and incompatible with an alcohol-burning power system.

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: There is probably some kind of double engine (The Madman Strikes Again!!!)

Dumb Robot: While he might not be too smart, Bender could certainly see through the ridiculously unbelievable delivery assignment of some mints to a post box.

Solution by mtvcdm - Not much weirder than delivering a crate of subpoenas, done earlier in the episode.

Plasma's Rebuttal - What was necessarily wrong with delivering subpoenas? I doubt they can be legally faxed.

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: But I doubt there would be that many of them.

No Cases!?: Why is it Bender says that the stripper-bots don't wear cases? In "The Lesser of Two Evils", they go to a robot strip-joint, and the robot there is wearing a case!

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: In some robot strip joints they show more than in others.

Don't Resist!: How can Bender simply remove his robotology symbol? It was welded onto him!

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: He's obviously very strong, he mentions in 4acv04 having super strength, and can pick up the dark matter which apparently weighs as much as a thousand suns.

On Bender's Trail: Why did Bender leave a deep trail in the carpet when the robot devil dragged him from his motel room? He doesn't leave a trail when he walks, so why would he suddenly do it now?

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: Fire. The robot devil put it on him.

Busy Guy!: How does the robot devil have time to prepare and carry out ironic punishments for every robot, as well as going out and kidnapping those that sin?

Solution by mtvcdm - Lyric from the song: 'There must be robots worse than I? / We checked around, there really aren't'. Bender must have been so evil, the Robot Devil must have felt he had to bring him in himself.

Devil's Wallet?: Why does the robot devil carry a wallet? What is he going to buy in hell?

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: So he has money to keep it going, keep in mind that Robot Hell is actually in New Jersey. The robot devil probably has to buy the fire, and hire the band, the beastie boys and so on and so forth.

Comment by Red_Line: And bus fare.

My Arms!: The robot devil pulls off one of Bender's arms, but when the camera angle changes, it suddenly reappears!

Solution by Seymour_My_Hero: Its a dream knob, that disappears when dreaming except for when he's dreaming of being a rockstar. New!

Beastie of Evil Boys: What are the Beastie Boys doing working in hell?

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: See Devil's Wallet. As for the location of hell being unknown, he pays them not to disclose it.

Solution by Red_Line: Hey, it's a gig.

Speak of the Devil: How does Leela know that the Robot Devil's name is Beelzebot?

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: The same reason people call the human devil Beelzebub.

Fiddling: How does the Robot Devil play the golden fiddle so well? It weighs hundreds of pounds and would sound horrible! Also, if it weighs so much, how does Leela hold it to play it?

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: He's probably programmed to be very good at it as he probably needs to best people in those contests every day. As for Leela, she is quite strong.

Angelic Bender: Not only would the wings not allow Bender to fly, but what are they connected to? Also, the halo thing just wouldn't work.

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: Actually, if you are strong enough to flap them at the required speed then artificial wings will carry you if your weight is below the produced force. They donít necessarily need to be attached to something, he was moving them with his arms. The halo probably got stuck on his antenna.

Nibbler!: What happened to Nibbler? Fry and Leela left him at the entry to Robot Hell, and never go back to get him.

Solution by mtvcdm - Leash means tag means someone found him (probably) means he gets returned.

Solution by Kyle Williams: We learn later that Nibbler is a super intelligent being so it is possible that he just went back to New New York on his own. The audio commentary alludes to this happening.