Cubert's Rants

A Big Piece of Garbage

My Condolences: As Bender put dibs on Fry's CD player, it is fair to assume the death clock said Fry had very little time to live. If so, why is he still alive, and going into a third season!

Solution by mtvcdm - The clock was probably thrown off by the safety record. Either that or you can use Wernstrom's declaring that it worked about as well as the Milwaukee Brewers' pitching staff.

Plasma's Rebuttal - I still doubt it, not to mention you just made up that quote.

Solution by Kyle Williams: I think, if you put aside the made up quote, that mtvcdm is right - the Professor's inventions don't always work.

SCUBA or SCABA?: SCUBA stands for "Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus", so shouldn't Wernstrom's invention be called SCABA for "... Abovewater Breathing Apparatus", rather than "reverse SCUBA"?

Solution by Kyle Williams: When you invent something, you can name it whatever you want.

Overhead Napkins?: You can't put a piece of paper (or a napkin) on an overhead projector and make the image appear, it will simply appear black, so how did Farnsworth's drawing appear on the projection screen?

Solution by Red_Line: Opaque projectors have been common for years and document cameras and video projectors are everywhere today so that shouldn't be much of a technical challenge a thousand years hence.

Smelly stuff!: There is no way that Jupiter and Saturn could smell as Fry said they did. They are made of giant balls of deadly gases, and most certainly wouldn't smell nice (though it is important to note that the basic idea of the "Smelloscope" could work).

A Big Barge of Garbage: The amount of garbage put on the barge is nowhere near enough to clear New York's garbage, not to mention it is MUCH smaller than the ball shown later in the episode when they land on it.

Solution by Kyle Williams: The garbage from the barge would have been added to the garbage produced after the barge sailed, making the Big Piece of Garbage.

The Garbage Rocket: The garbage couldn't be launched into space as it was shown in the video clip. Firstly, the rocket wasn't big enough. Secondly, the way the ball was impaled on the rocket, it would have so much drag it couldn't take off.

Titanium Beer Cans?: If robots are recycled out of beer cans, and Bender is made of titanium, does that mean that beer cans are made of titanium? Also, what about the wax robot in "Mother's Day"? Was it made from wax beer cans?

Solution by Kyle Williams: Yes to the first question. As for the second, the janitor could have been an older model made before titanium was used.

Neptune Stinks!: Neptune wouldn't be stunk out by the ball of garbage, as the smell of the passing garbage is made of particles which wouldn't travel through the vacuum of space, not to mention any civilisation on Neptune would probably have to be inside airtight domes.

Great Balls of Fire!: The garbage ball probably wouldn't even be a danger anyway, as it would certainly break up and burn in during re-entry.

Solution by Kyle Williams: If there is enough garbage then it would not burn up on re-entry.

Squidgy!: Why would there be a problem with the rocket going through the garbage ball? Couldn't the rocket simply be timed to go off while in the ball?

AOL floppies?: I don't know what things are like in America, but in Australia, we get sent truckloads of AOL CDs rather than floppies.

Solution by Red_Line: Believe it or not, there was a time before CDs. Of course, the world was black and white then and all cars had giant gromungous tail fins and ... but I digress. At the time in question (pre 1999), very few computers had CD drives and AOL mailed out gajillions of floppy diskettes.

Landing... Squish!: If the garbage ball was supposedly incredibly squishy, so that a rocket would pass through it, how can the PE ship land on it?

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: The PE ship didn't fly straight at it as fast as it could like a missle would. They took their time and carefully landed on it. New!

One small step for... eww...: How could the crew walk on the garbage ball? It would have virtually no gravity, and would be impossible to walk on.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: It was really sticky. New!

Magnitude 31!?: The Planet Express ship should be airtight, so how do smell particles get inside it?

In space, nobody can hear you scream: Given that sound cannot travel through the vacuum of space, how did the Bart Simpson doll talk? Also, after 1000 years, wouldn't its batteries have corroded and become unusable? Also, the Spock collector's plate made a noise when it broke, so how did that happen? Not to mention that Bender is able to talk in space (though perhaps he was modified so that he transmitted his speech on their communication radios).

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: The suits have sound generators so the user knows whats happening around them. New!

The smell invasion!: Why did little bits of garbage land ahead of the main ball? Seeing as there would be almost no gravity created by the garbage ball, any small blobs created would quickly drift off.

Fast Ball!: How did the garbage ball get from Neptune to Earth in what seemed to be about a day? It would take decades, as there is no way the ball would be travelling at near light-speed. Also, after the main ball is hit away by the second ball, it flies into the Sun in only a few seconds, which would require it to go faster than light! Even if the speed of light was increased, it would still take impossibly large amounts of energy to reach that speed, not to mention the incredibly fast accelleration needed would cause the garbage ball to break up under its own inertia.

Solar System not to scale: When we see the garbage ball flying off towards the Sun, the Sun appears only about ten times the diameter of the Earth away from the Earth, when it is really many thousands of times that.