Cubert's Rants

My Three Suns

Choices, Choices: All the robotwash options have the same price (or at least didn't indicate they costed different amount), but surely a better wash should cost more.

Little Bender!: Bender is able to retract his antenna "Little Bender". If this is the case, why didn't he just retract his antenna in "I, Roommate", and he and Fry could have lived in the excellent apartment.

Solution by mtvcdm - I'm guessing the fact that the antenna was there period screwed everything up.

Plasma's Rebuttal - I doubt it, if it worked even when down, why would it have an unnecessary "up" position?

Solution by Kyle Williams: mtvcdm is right. Mother's Day explains that antennas can get the signal from a remote so a TV signal should be easy to get. As for the up position it is to make robots more sci-fi.

Wipe it off your face!: How does Bender have windscreen-wipers? In all other shots of him he clearly doesn't have one.

Frozen Slug: Neptune is completely inhospitable, and freezing cold. So how could a slug have evolved there, especially a slug which thrives in Earth's atmosphere and temperature.

Solution by mtvcdm - Know what they did to Mars? Terraform it. Neptune probably got the same treatment.

Plasma's Rebuttal - Even still, there is no way that would mean indigenous life could have evolved.

My, what a big slug you have there!: How does the slug grow so big? The laws of conservation of mass and conservation of energy show that it is completely impossible for the slug to simply grow as it does.

Slug him!: How in the world did Elzar survive the giant Neptunian Slug?

Solution by mtvcdm - Cast iron cookware does wonders, doesn't it?

Plasma's Rebuttal - Well, it didn't seem to be getting him anywhere, last I saw...

Solution by Leela+Fry: Some of the crew came on stage and beat that sucker to death. New!

Mmmm, Salty!: Why would Zoidberg have any problem with salty food or salt water? As a ocean-going lobster-creature, he should have no trouble at all with it.

Solution by Kyle Williams: Even ocean creatures would have a problem with the amound of salt Bender added to the slug. Water goes from high salinity ro low salinity in an effort to keep balance. Bender put so much salt in the food that anyone would have problems after eating it. The only reason Zoidberg survived would be the fact that a lethal dose for humans might only be problematic for him.

Bottled Emperor: Why would the emperor live in a bottle, with the obvious risks of being drunk. Also, why was he only on the arm-rest, I would have expected an emperor to sit IN the throne chair. Also, given the size of the Trisolians, there is no way he could have fit into the bottle.

The glass band: The musicians at Fry's pre-coronation ceremony come out of their glasses, growing from just an arm to a large person, yet there was clearly not enough water in those glasses for them to be that size.

Off with his head!: Supposedly, Fry must make a flawless recitation of the sacred speech at his coronation, or be killed. Fry makes a mistake, saying "insanity" instead of "integrity", so why wasn't he killed?

The hiding emperor: Why did the emperor take so long to glow, he took quite a while longer than everyone else. Also, given that the emperor is capable of speaking while inside Fry's stomach, why did he wait until after the coronation to speak?

Who's the emperor around here?: Fry still drank the previous emperor, so I don't see why he shouldn't be emperor over the previous one stuck inside Fry's stomach.

Solution by Kyle Williams: The Emperor probably has to be absorbed into the cells. His density and composition could have kept him from being absorbed.

Emperor-Phone: Why did Bender have to use a payphone to call Leela? Shouldn't the palace have a private line for the emperor?

Solution by mtvcdm - Maybe. But the emporer wasn't around, so they may have put a visitor's phone in.

Plasma's Rebuttal - But Fry was emperor, and even still, his regular phone line should be there.

Solution by Kyle Williams: You'd think there should be a phone, but there isn't.

The Juice-O-Matic: Why would the Trisolians have a machine for extracting Trisolians from humans? After all, they clearly didn't know that Trisolians are able to survive inside humans.

Solution by Kyle Williams: It could be for removing other things.

Weapons Ready!: Why do the Trisolian soldiers have halberds? They would be completely useless against other Trisolians, which they would obviously have to be designed for.

Die, Leela, Die!: How exactly DID Leela survive, when she was completely overwhelmed by a horde of Trisolians?

Solution by mtvcdm - She didn't. That was Leela's twin watching from the shadows. Or maybe she cloned herself and let her clone fight while she snuck through. Or maybe -SLAP-. Thanks. I've been watching too many soap operas.

Plasma's Rebuttal - Wouldn't that be rather mean to Leela's clone? Also, she is the only one of her species in known space, so how could she have a twin? (though that sounds like a likely episode plot in the future)

Solution by Kyle Williams: We see Leela climbing through the window. She probably had a grappling gun to help her escape and get to the window.

Solution by Red_Line: or maybe she's just a good swimmer (see Fry and the Slurm Factory).