Cubert's Rants

Fear of a Bot Planet

Who Designed This?: Who the hell designed Madison Cube Garden? What is the point of making it a cube, when the top of the stadium is totally useless?

Solution by Bosda: A committee. New!

Free Condiments?: In the background when Zoidberg is ordering food, why is there a free condiment dispenser? What kind of sporting ground is this?

Solution by Leela+Fry: Dude, have you ever been to a sports game? They always give out free condiments!

Comment by Red_Line: Apparently Cubert ain't from around here.

Blern?: Leela says that the word "Blern" is completely meaningless, then she says that Miller is on a streak to hit 70 blerns, and that Wireless Joe is just a machine designed to hit Blerns.

Solution by mtvcdm - Sports fans are weird that way. Ask my dad, who screams at the Cubs even though they are technically not in the same state.

Plasma's Rebuttal - That's not really an explanation, not to mention Leela isn't like that, or is this a hidden side of her?

Solution by Red_Line: Leela doesn't say "Blern" is meaningless, she says "Except for the word 'Blern' that was complete gibberish."

Paging Hermes: How in the world was Hermes' hologram taken by a bird? Not to mention how did that hurt Hermes, when the hologram is only a projection of light representing Hermes?

Solution by Bosda: As a Jamaican, Hermes is especially vulnerable to Voodoo. So, when the bird grabbed the hologram, Hermes got 86ed. As for how the bird could grab the hologram...Quantum Flux. Or plasma vortexes. One of dem tings. Go peddle yer papers. New!

Long Winch!: The P.E. ship can be seen to be miles above the surface of Chapek 9, so how does the winch reach the ground. Also, given the slow speed of the winch, it would have taken forever.

The Test!: How did Bender get caught? Given the incredible ease of "the test", there is no way he could have failed.

Solution by Kyle Williams: The test could have been random. Fry and Leela could have gotten an easy one.

Do the Time Warp: One minute on the clock in the robot street is nowhere near a minute!

2-D movie: How did Leela know her 3D glasses weren't working when she has never seen in 3D?

Solution by Kyle Williams: Even though Leela has only one eye, she still would have had depth perception, so she would be seeing in 3D. I am cross-eyed and cannot see 3D with 3D glasses either, so in a sense her glasses would not work.

Buy Now!: Given the P.E. team were only on the planet for a few hours, maybe less, how did Bender have time to record a CD and make a Bender figurine?

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: When it comes to making money, Bender gives it his all. And as long as the songs in his CD had something to do with hating humans, they would have loved it so he probably just slapped together a few songs.

Robot Porn?: How in the world are circuit diagrams robot porn? Really, that is just rediculous.

Solution by Red_Line: Not it isn't. It makes perfect sense, a robot can't get any more naked that it's circuit diagram.

What Brand?: Given the judge is clearly a Mac, how could one press "Control, Alt, Delete", when there is no control key on a Mac?

Solution by mtvcdm - One word: upgrades.

Fire!: Why would the robot elders be afraid of Fry breathing fire, when fire would certainly not hurt them, being made of metal.

Solution by Kyle Williams: Everything melts and the elders have no way of knowing how hot the flames are.

A Band-Aid Cure: If Bender stabbed Fry with a broken bottle, there is no way it could simply be cured by some band-aids, as shown in the pictures at the end.

Solution by caped_avenger: Bender probably decided not to stab Fry, but as he moved the bottle away scraped him on the neck by mistake. A small scrape needing only a band aid