Cubert's Rants

Love's Labors Lost in Space

Smash!: While this complaint can apply to every episode, why does Leela keep crashing the ship into the video screen all the time?

Solution by Snorlax422: Leela probably gets rather tired and reckless towards the end of the ship, or she might possibly be distracted by a video call.

I Want a Second Opinion!: Given Zoidberg's complete misunderstanding of the human sexes (eg. he thought Fry was a woman), why did he say "the female Leela", when he probably couldn't recognise a female? Well... I guess he did have a 50/50 chance.

Solution by Kyle Williams: Maybe Zoidberg learned that Leela was female after that mistake. Gender mix-up seems like a natural error to correct.

GAYDAR?: How does Bender use his GAYDAR when it is a seperate device in no way connected to him, and he doesn't look at it? Also, when he pulls it out, it is not turned on, and takes a fair while to lock onto the supposedly gay man.

Solution by Snorlax422: The device is probably solar powered, since they were sitting near a window, it turned on when it sensed the sun's rays. Secondly, the device beeps when it finds a gay person, therefore Bender has no need to look at it. And the supposedly gay guy was probably borderline gay, making it rather hard to pinpoint if he was gay or not.

Hi beautiful!: Why would a great hypersled racer want to go out with Leela? Not to mention why didn't Amy just try to get him herself, rather than introducing him to Leela first?

Solution by Snorlax422: Amy probably didn't want him, since she can get any guy she wants, she felt the sudden urge to give to charity. And it could be that the racer didn't actually want to date her, perhaps he is actually gay and simply wanted to meet her.

Not For Sale: How did Zoidberg go home with the Lobster? Not only was it presumably a decoration and not for sale, but he would not reasonably be able to communicate with it, and it would die out of water.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Who said he was gonna date it? Lobsters taste real good, so he swiped it from the tank and walked out. And when your as desperate as Zoidberg, you'll take what you can get. New!

Hot Guy!: A being of pure energy is physically impossible, and would just explode in a huge amount of heat. Besides, why did Amy go with him, when he certainly wouldn't be good in bed (or at least I can't imagine how he could be).

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Well, you got me at the physically impossible part, but Amy loves to experiment so she wanted to know what it would be like it's not like you see many of those guys floating around anyway. New!

Can't Hold His Liqour: Why did the being of energy have a bottle of beer at the table? How was he planning on holding or drinking it?

Solution by caped_avenger: It probably wasn't his beer

Heavy Stuff!: How could Vergon 6 be filled with dark matter, and then be mined out? The incredible mass of dark matter would mean the planet would probably attract incredible numbers of asteroids and perhaps even swallow its own sun! Also, how could life evolve given that much gravity? All the animals which are rescued clearly could not withstand the incredible amounts of gravity.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: The surface had minerals known as light matter that countered the dark matter's affects making life possible and making it so that the PE crew wouldn't be crushed under the gravity. New!

Sir!: Given Zapp's incredible ineptitude, how did he get promoted so highly?

Solution by mtvcdm - Zapp must have naked pictures of whoever runs DOOP with a Shetland pony.

High Tech Ship!: Why was it necessary to take a ladder to the observation deck on Zapp's ship? Wouldn't it certainly have some kind of people-tube or elevator?

Solution by DSS: Maybe they just decided to take the way nearest to them.

Great Design!: Who the hell designed the prison so that steam pipes ran through the cells? Also, why wouldn't it go through the door? Clearly it would have to go through, as otherwise people in the prison would end up being asphyxiated without air being able to move through the force field, as there are no visible air vents.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: Zapp and his infinite wisdom designed the cells so that explains the cells design. Also, who said the force field kept the air out? New!

Coloured Steam?: Why was all the steam in Fry & Bender's prison cell yellow?

Solution by Snorlax422: Zapp was probably too lazy to walk all the way to the bathroom, and that steam vent probably looked very tempting.

Cooking the Books?: Why is it that Leela checks off animals before they have even been caught?

Solution by Leela+Fry: The shots of the animals being caught were flashbacks.

Hold on!: When Fry fell through the surface, he clearly didn't grab onto the edge of the hole, so how was it that in the next camera angle, he is?

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: The hot air escaping out of the hole lifted him up at the last minute. New!

Litterbugs: Why is there a kitty litter tray on the bridge of the ship?

Solution by DSS: Maybe the Professor once had a cat, and when it passed away, he didn't want to get rid of the litter box, leaving some memory of the cat alive.

Weighty Problems: Why does the ship suddenly tilt when Nibbler "lays" some dark matter down? Wouldn't he have been that heavy all the time? Also, Nobody should be able to carry him with all that heavy dark matter inside him.

Solution by Snorlax422: Nibbler's body probably changes his waste into dark matter pretty quickly, so he really wouldn't get heavy until he "laid" one.