Cubert's Rants

I, Roommate

Need Some Water?: If the Professor lives in the Planet Express building, as shown in 1ACV01, then why is the water consumption so low?

Solution by MadeInMexico: The Professor rarely goes to the toilet as said in 'I Second That Emotion', and usually falls asleep before he can take a shower.

The Climbing Car: When Fry changes the TV to the Monster Truck Wrestling, one of them has somehow got on top of the ropes around the ring. How did it do that?

Solution by MadeInMexico: Like the boat and cannon from 'Crimes of the Hot' episode in Season 5, the Monster Truck on the ropes has built in arms & legs that are used when needed.

Nice Fingers: Why is it that Calculon spins the golden nut to get it on the female robot's finger, when her fingers clearly have no threading?

Solution by mtvcdm - They had threading to me.

Calculon Coma?: How could the human think that Calculon is in a coma, when a robot clearly cannot be?

Solution by MadeInMexico: All My Circuits is a show for robots, and assumes that humans are dumb enough to be fooled into thinking that robots can be in a coma.

Solution by Bosda: --"Program does not respond". Seen that popup in real life? Calculon obviously has a Microsoft Product for his OS. New!

Comment by Red_Line: In Into The Wild Green Yonder is was revealed that Calculon was running Windows Vista, so at the time of this epp he probably had either 98 or ME. 'nuff said. New!

Hot Smoking Bender!: How does Bender smoke, given that he is a robot?

Solution by Bosda: Well, he has a mechanism for expelling exhaust gasses, by belching (it isn't ALWAYS a belch). I figure Bender is violating his design specs to use it to smoke. Much as he has violated a great many other things. New!

Oops, Wrong Number: Why are the numbers of the Robot Arms Apartments in binary? It is criminally inefficient in the use of paint and time spent painting it, and given the level of bureaucracy shown in "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back", most certainly would not be allowed.

Solution by Kyle Williams: Sure, efficiency is nice, but it is not a requirement for everyday life. Only the Central Bureaucracy really cares about efficiency.

This Room is Tiny!: Why is Bender's apartment so small. While it may be just sufficient for Bender and Fry, many robots, like the Crushinator, would be unable to fit into the room, which is clearly discriminatory. Also, how is there a TV Area and a Breakfast Nook in the apartment, given there is no TV, and no food storage or cooking area?

Solution by Bosda: Part 1/Yes, it IS, but who cares about Fatso's gripes? Oh, just rent her a space in the apartment building's underground parking garage! SHEESH! Part2/There ain't no bathroom on the Bridge of the Starship Enterprise either, but that don't slow THEM down, now does it? New!

Partial solution by Kyle Williams: There are probably other apartments that are bigger to suit other robots.

The Secret Closet: Fry asked where he could hang his clothes in the apartment, so why didn't Bender tell him about the closet, even if he didn't want Fry undressing? Also, why didn't he tell fry about the closet during his tour of the apartment?

Solution by Bosda: Bender was hiding..."things"...there. Which he subsequently removed, when neither Fry nor the police were looking. New!

Lights Out!: After Bender turns the light off in the apartment, the room should clearly be pitch-black, as there is no light source. However, it is still quite easy to see for some reason.

Solution by mtvcdm - Cartoons do that sometimes: have some light in the scene so the people watching see what's going on.

Plasma's Rebuttal - If "it's a cartoon" was an accepted excuse, all of these nitpicks could be "disproved" in that way. Why can't they at least just do the old eyes-only thing?

Magic Carpet: How could Fry's head hit the ceiling simply because Bender added carpeting. Even if there was that much carpeting, why isn't it there later in the episode?

Solution by Kyle Williams: Bender got rid of the carpeting before he and Fry started looking for apartments.

Size Matters: There is no way that Fry and Bender take up 1.5 cubic metres out of the room's 2 cubic metres. In the shots of them in the apartment, they don't even come close to taking up half the volume of the room, not to mention three quarters.

Amazing Architecture: While an intentional joke, how in the world DID Bender fall down, or up, or whatever, the stairs of the weird apartment?

Solution by MadeInMexico: Benders circuits could not comprehend the extra dimensions involved in the architecture, he experienced robot vertigo and lost his balance. Fry was not affected because he lacks the delta brainwave, Leela was not affected because she doesn't have depth perception.

Ouch, Spiky!: How could they make a comfortable beanbag in the new apartment by crushing a chair in a garbage bag? Wouldn't it be all hard and sharp?

My Mummy!: How did the professor know that the mummy he gave Fry was teryaki flavour?

Solution by Kyle Williams: When the Professor got the mummy he was told that teriyaki sauce was added during the mummification.

Stop Interfering!: If the TV problems stop when Bender is out of the room, how is it that everyone on the floor has problems, when Bender is not close enough to interfere?

Squish!: Leaving Fry's apartment, Amy slipped in the doorway on a banana peel, then Fry closes the door. Amy does not move after falling, so wouldn't Fry have closed the door so that it crushed Amy?

Security!: When Bender returns to his apartment, he simply opens the door, it has no locks. Isn't that a bit unsafe?

Solution by caped_avenger: What is there to steal from Bender's apartment?
Plasma's Rebuttal: Well, in later episodes there is quite a bit to steal from there, and there doesn't seem to be any locking mechanism at all, so I doubt he only started locking it now that they do have things.

How Wasteful!: Also when Bender returns to his apartment, the light is on. Hasn't Bender ever heard of not wasting electricity?

Solution by Bosda: That's right, Bender would NEVER do anything anti-social...I'm sorry, what was the question? New!

Un-Alcoholism: Without drinking any alcohol to fuel himself, why does Bender simply act drunk? Without fuel, shouldn't he simply stop functioning?

Solution by MadeInMexico: Without consuming alcohol to recharge his fuel cell, Bender has to conserve energy to make it last, therefore he only trickles energy to his brain and motivator units, making him appear drunken, offbalance, and sluggish.

Sober Driving: Why does Leela beg Bender not to get behind the wheel without some kind of alcoholic beverage? Bender doesn't have access to a car!

Solution by mtvcdm - Well, in later episodes, like When Aliens attack, we see that he did have access. Although it's a moot point, since we saw him walking.

Frozen Antenna: Why would they have to put Bender's antenna on ice to reattach it? It is made of metal!

Nice Closet: Why is it that the closet has multiple rooms? Also, why is it so big?

Solution by MadeInMexico: SImple, Bender needs all the space for all the stuff he steals or plans to steal, so he asked for an apartment with plenty of closet space.