Cubert's Rants

The Series Has Landed

Giant Birds?: In the Planet Express advertisement, there is a giant bird which swoops down and captures a PE employee delivering a package. The atmosphere on that planet must about equal in density to that on Earth (as a man stood in it without a spacesuit). Considering that, it would be impossible for a bird of that size to fly, as it would be too heavy and couldn't get nearly enough lift with its normally proportioned wings.

Solution by Cash Kennedy: The person is in a spacesuit in commecial first off (although spacesuit looks heavily damaged after he gets shot by lasers). Second a human could live at a significantly higher atmosphere, so long as the partial pressure of oxygen stayed around .1-.3 atm, (see wikipedia /Oxygen#Toxicity_of_O2) and humans could adapt to the extra pressure, with time and limited exposure to at least a couple times our normal pressure, which should be enough to allow that bird to fly, which is only a little bit bigger then some of the largest flying birds on our planet.

Where's Evans?: In the first part of the advertisement, a man is swallowed by the gelatenous blob, and says "I'm not Evans", but later on the same person is shown, and is Evans (or at least delivers the package and doesn't correct his boss that he is not Evans).

Solution by mtvcdm - They were clones seperated at birth.

Egg on their face: Any commercially produced eggs would almost certainly not have chicks inside them, so why did one of the giant eggs hatch and attack the professor? Also, it takes far longer than just a few seconds for a bird to get out of its egg.

Solution by caped_avenger - Obviously the eggs have been tampered with, and I expect birds have evolved to get out of their shells quicker.

Solution by Bosda: The Professor gets the cut-rate eggs as part of a deal he cut to shoot the ad on a given planet. Free eggs! Gotta love it. So what if they're not perfect? What do you want, egg in your beer? HA!

Top of the Charts: Perhaps Dr. Zoidberg is incompetent enough not to notice when he put a chart of a human body upside down on the wall, but wouldn't he notice that the text was upside down too?

Solution by Snorlax422: Since Dr. Zoidberg is so experienced in the field of human anatomy, he obviously doesn't need to even look at the chart, therefore, it doesn't matter which way he puts it up.

Nice Wheels!: If the moon cars are supposed to spend all their time on a track, why is it possible to steer and drive them off the track?

Solution by Snorlax422: The Fungeneers probably didn't think that anyone would want to go outside of the park, like Leela said, it's a wasteland out there, the only reason anyone ever goes to the moon is for the dinky little amusement park. So, they didn't think they needed to install a safety feature like that.

Fungeneering?: The fungeneers know there are no whales on the moon, so why would they think whalers went to the moon? Also, given that they have knowledge of the TV comedian, and "Single Female Lawyer" in the episode "When Aliens Attack", why don't they know anything about such a major event like the moon landing. Also, in "When Aliens Attack", we are told that most recordings were lost in 2443 during the second coming of Jesus, so how did they know anything about the comedian's show?

Solution by Snorlax422: First off, they might not have explored the whole moon, so they probably saw "Sea of Tranquility" on a geographical map of the moon and thought whales, which lead them to whalers. Secondly, in the episode, they said that the lunar landing site was never found, and that they have no records of it for one reason or another (maybe it was the aliens?) so they just thought, after finding an old transcript of the show, that maybe the line "Bam, straight to the moon." was that he was going to go to the moon one day.

Sounds Odd: On the moon, with no atmosphere, sound cannot be carried, and the robots whalers would not be able to speak/sing. The usual way around this would be to have the sounds transmitted through a radio to the people on the ride, but if that was the case, why does the sound quieten as Fry and Leela drive away from it?

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: It's programmed to do that.

Can't Find it?: Why would the original moon landing site have been lost for centuries when the moon is colonised, and a lunar lander has been placed there?

Solution by Charlie Folkdance: It was palced there centuries ago, and there are no colonies, just a few farms and amusements.

Feeling Hot?: Fry and Leela's space suits aren't heated, and it would certainly be fair to say they aren't cooled either. Given that the temperatures on the moon can reach into the hundreds, why don't they just die from the heat?

Solution by Snorlax422: I think it's fair to say that to have a ride outside on the moon during the day, that they would have to have some amount of cooling, otherwise people on the ride would overheat very quickly, causing many lawsuits.

Riding Shotgun: The farmer shoots at Fry, Leela & Bender with his shotgun during the car chase. Given that there is no oxygen on the moon, how would the gun fire?

Solution by Anders - you do not need oxygen to fire a gun, the gunpowder burns in a closed container and contains its own oxydizer.

Crocodiles?: There are crocodiles on the moon. Even though they have space helmets, the rest of their bodies are exposed, they have no oxygen, and they couldn't eat through the helmets, so how do they live?

Solution by Bosda: Welfare. Damn lazy crocodiles! Ha-ha-ha! No, actually, the farmer raises them for meat & hides.

Blastoff!: The lunar lander was replaced on the moon, and may have fuel, and most certainly a radio. So why didn't Fry and Leela try to take off or call for help when they were trapped in it?

Solution by El-Man: Taking off: If the Ascent Stage had been replaced with a working, fuelled-up version identical to the original, the hypergolic propellants with sufficient tank insulation and seals might stay viable for weeks or even months, as hypergolic propellants are somewhat corrosive. However, there was only enough battery power to keep the propellants from freezing into slushy gunk for about 80 hours. Also, the helium priming and pressurisation sets for the Lunar Modules could and did leak away into space; even the best welds and seals in existence can't keep light, 'slippery' helium and especially hydrogen locked away forever. They WILL eventually leak or boil away into space through the very seams of their tanks, no matter how well they're welded or sealed. The Apollo craft were only really designed to work properly in every way for a limited time. Calling for help: The output power of the lander's radios was surprisingly low, and they had the Earth's entire huge and sensitive dishes of the Deep Space tracking arrays looking for their signals. Would someone even be monitoring these bands in the year 3000? And that's assuming there was any battery power left. In summary: the fuel was more than likely useless slush and quite probably no battery power to operate a very weak radio. The Historical Sticklers Society would've had to had replaced the Lunar Module two or three days before Fry and Leela found it.

Fast Running!: Fry and Leela are in the lunar lander for only about a minute, yet Bender has enough time to go back for the crushinator at the farm, and run all the way back to the lander.

Solution by Snorlax422: Bender was most likely already with the Crushinator before they got in the lander and was following them a little bit behind when they got in it.

How did you know I was here?: Despite no indications of where they are, Amy Wong somehow knows where to fly the Planet Express ship and that they need to be rescued with the magnet.

Magnetic?: Bender is supposed to be made of titanium, which is not magnetic. So how did he get picked up by the magnet, and how did the fridge magnet stick to him earlier?

Solution by Kyle Williams: He is not made of just titanium. Other episodes give other alloys he is made of.

Solution by Bosda: Bender has been damaged & repaired many, many times. He is no longer to design specs.

Look Ma, no Helmet!: When the farmer takes off his helmet, he should die almost instantaneously fromn explosive decompression, yet he is fine.

Solution by El-Man: Actually it turns out that humans can briefly survive a vacuum. The Lunar Farmer would not have exploded upon being exposed. His face would swell, some surface blood vessels would burst, his ears would pop, and his head would get really cold, but he would have ten-fifteen seconds of consciousness, long enough to put his helmet back on (by my count, his helmet was off for six seconds). And another thing, if he had just taken his helmet off, there would be no way he could of held onto it with the sudden escape of air from his suit, and it wasn't depicted either. So he must have decompressed it first - which makes him doubly stupid. See this link and scroll down to No Vacuum Pops. (New!)

Models not to Scale: When they are flying away at the end, you can see that the Planet Express ship is about twice the size of the lunar lander, which only just fits Fry & Leela. If so, how is there so much space in the Planet Express ship?

Stolen Goods: Planet Express essentially steals Bender from his owners, the Suicide Booth manufacting company. Why no recovery attempt? (New! by Bosda)

New Rants by Jodes:

A pen of a different color: When Hermes is handing over the "Standard Legal Release" to Leela there is a red pen lying on the sheet. When it cuts the pen is brown and is lying beside the sheet.

Bouncers: When the Moon Patrol officers throw Bender out of the airlock onto the moon's surface, they are exposed to hard vacuum, but they aren't wearing space suits. Throughout the episode it is established that the moon's "atmosphere" is a vacuum and protective suits are necessary.

The key question: When Amy lowers the magnetic hoist the keys get stuck under it. When the hoist gets onto the box the keys suddenly lie beside the hoist.

Must be NTSC: When the spaceman is delivering the 'Planet Express' package, the colour of the rocket on the box changes from black to green. The same thing happens to the spaceman when he's picked up by the large bird - the logo on his backpack changes colour.

Booze will do that to you: When the team are first seen having breakfast, Bender's liquor bottle disappears in one shot. Then when he takes a swig, there's no liquor in it and the label is blank.

Smokin': When Bender is saying 'you're the kind of guy who visits Jerusalem' near the dome porthole, his cigar is lit and smoking. When we next see him, it's out.

The Shadow knows: When Fry and Leela are walking on the planet's surface, they have shadows. When they are next seen, the shadows have disappeared. The shadow inconsistencies happen again later when the buggy's wheel falls off and they try to outrun nightfall.