Cubert's Rants

Space Pilot 3000

Anyone Order a Pizza?: The piece of paper for the pizza delivery didn't say what floor the delivery was to, only the name and address. So, how did Fry know to go to the "Applied Cryogenics" room? Also, if Fry would have had to look at the piece of paper just to know the address it was going to, as Panucci didn't tell him, then why didn't he notice that it was going to "I C Weiner", and why did Panucci take an order from such an obvious fake name in the first place?

Solution by Voice of the Many - Fry knew to take it to Applied Cryogenics because he took the phone call order earlier and he was playing on the Monkey Fracas Junior game to pass the time whilst Panucci made the order. And Fry isn’t the brightest person in the world, so he probably didn’t notice the fake name. The prank caller also probably said, “Pizza for Weiner, first names I. C.”. And because Fry has no imagination, he didn’t notice.

Countdown: All the civilisations on the world count down to midnight simultaneously, when the time-zone differences mean that these countdowns would be hours apart.

Solution by caped_avenger - The countdown in the show obviously wasn't following time, like many shows it just skipped forward to when the countries WOULD have chanted that particular number. The show skips time a lot, like at the beginning of 'The Deep South', it switches straight from the PE office to them landing on the sea.

Plasma's rebuttal - Perhaps, but the way in which it was shown, the show strongly suggested it was all happening in real-time, before Fry fell in the cryo-tube.

Cryogenics?: At present, cryogenics is still impossible, and most certainly was not in place in 1999, or even earlier, as suggested by the sign on the front door. Also, the few ways which look like they may work successfully, require the replacement of most liquid in the body with special substances, to prevent the damaging of the body when ice crystals form inside it. Fry could most certainly not have been frozen.

Solution by Snorlax422: The government was obviously hiding these new found improvements in cryogenics, reserving them for people who really mattered (aka celebrities). What better place to hide a secret government facility then in New York, you'll never see the inside of all the buildings and when you walk past you'll never notice.

The Dial Slipped: How in the world did the door shut and the twist-dial on the cryo-tube turn itself to 1,000 years when Fry fell in? Not only is there no reason for the door to have shut, but a dial like the one shown could certainly not just knock itself onto 1,000 years.

Solution by mtvcdm - It might have been a default setting put in there by whoever made the tube. They probably chose it by way of gambling losses last week.

Solution by Trevin Bernhard: It was Nibbler since he was the one who pushed Fry into the tube in the first place. He probably rigged the freezing tube before hand.

Power Failure?: On the door to "Applied Cryogenics", the sign says "No power failures since 1997", with the 7 stuck on. This would clearly suggest that power outages were commonplace in the building. Therefore, wouldn't Fry have most likely died at some stage, due to a power failure? Not to mention when the aliens destroyed civilisation, as how would the power have stayed on then?

Soution by Voice of the Many - You only saw the aliens draw the civilisation outside the window, not the rest of New York. The castles that sprung up were a medieval theme park, just like Past-o-rama, which the aliens got angry at and destroyed again. And as for the power failures, they obviously sorted that problem: they got a backup generator!!!

Anyone Notice the New Guy?: There is no way that the people at "Applied Cryogenics" wouldn't have noticed that there was a new person in one of the freezers, and why would they be willing to pay to have some guy frozen for a thousand years, when they could just kick him out right then?

Solution by Voice of the Many - Watch “Jurassic Bark”. Do those people really look like they’d care? It's not their money they’re spending, even if they noticed, which could be called into question. They’re probably just like museum sculptures, when you see one you see them all, so they just didn’t bother looking. And any up-and-coming cryogenicists would see him there when they started and therefore assume he’s meant to be.

Civilisation Destroyed?: Out of the window, you can see civilisation destroyed by marauding fleets of aliens, not once but twice. Why wouldn't the "Applied Cryogenics" building have been blown up?

Solution by DSS: It was the Nibblonians. Since they knew that the universe was at stake, and that Fry was the only one who could save it, they had to keep his frozen body protected. So they either fought against the fleets or the made a protective shield around the building. New!

Solution by "alert2" - Who said that all of civilization was destroyed? It might of been just a certain area of New York City that was leveled, and the aliens left, or stayed.

Plasma's rebuttal - Well, if only a small amount of civilisation was destroyed, why was it initially rebuilt as castles?

Solution by Voice of the Many - You only saw the aliens draw the civilisation outside the window, not the rest of New York. The castles that sprung up were a medieval theme park, just like Past-o-rama, which the aliens got angry at and destroyed again.

Nothing Happens: When Fry is frozen, it is presumably quite a number of years before civilisation is blown up by aliens, yet the skyline does not change at all. In fact, apart from the two times civilisation rebuilds itself, no changes to buildings occur at all.

Solution by Voice of the Many - Maybe all building expansion at this time went Tokyo-style, into reclaimed land in the ocean. Not too unlikely, nes pa?

Bad Timing: Fry fell into the cryo-tube right on midnight in the beginning of the year 2000. 1,000 years later, as the cryo-tube states, should be midnight in the beginning of the year 3000, but Fry wakes up in the middle of the day.

Solution by mtvcdm - Actually, good timing. Considering the time frame we're talking here. Even the atomic clock in Boulder, CO, is off a bit. So, less than a day off in a 1,000 year time frame, especially considering it could have broken down, means that tube was built pretty well.

Plasma's Rebuttal - One second off every 8.44 days isn't all that good. A good atomic clock will only be off by one second in a billion years!

Solution by Voice of the Many - Someone snuck in and pushed Fry's dial forwards a few hours, so that they wouldn’t have to process him on New Year's Eve, 3000. Think about it, would you want to counsel a possible neurotic person from the Stupid Ages when all of humanity is celebrating the year 3000? They’d be as lonely as Fry in 1999. And they wouldn’t push it forwards, because would you want to counsel someone whilst suffering from a possible hangover from the previous night?

Solution by Kyle Williams- he did not defrost early; if the capsule interpreted "1,000 years" to refer to the average length of a year in the Gregorian calendar, Fry should have defrosted a few seconds after noon. The machine might have put in the extra day for leap years, but smaller amounts of time like leap seconds would not have been put in.

Does Anyone Speak English Here?: It is ridiculous to assume that everyone speaks the English language in 3000, for the language would most certainly have evolved into something incomprehensible by then. 1,000 years ago, English was completely different to that of today, and it would be fair to assume that the same would have happened by 3000.

Solution by Voice of the Many - Yes, but virtually no one could read or write 1,000 years ago, and so with no written reference, language could evolve. We don’t know what language will act like with a close to 100% literacy rate in all the countries featured. Slang changes, but the fundamental language could stay the same. Alternatively. Fry could have had something like a Translate-o-mat inserted into his ear to translate everything said into an understandable format for him.

Invalid Destination: Given that you must say your destination for the people-tubes to work, and "Crosstown Express" isn't a destination, then how did Fry use the people tube?

Solution by Voice of the Many - Cross-town express is probably a function built into the tube to give tourists a good tour of New New York.

ZZZAP!: When Fry survived the suicide booth, why didn't he get vaporised like the other people who used the booth?

Solution by mtvcdm - 2 settings. Slow and Horrible is what Fry got. Quick and Painless is instant vaporization by way of laser.

Plasma's rebuttal - He should still be vapourised, or else his body would still be in the booth while the next person came to use it.

Solution by Voice of the Many - He exited before that function could happen, so the program reset; a failsafe if you will, to prevent vaporiser leakage.

Inflation?: Everything still costs the same that it would in 2000 in 3000. The suicide booth only costs 25 cents, and prices in other episodes are also similarly low. Assuming an extremely low average rate of inflation of only 1%, $1 today should only be worth 0.00477 (to 5 decimal places) cents in 3000.

Solution by mtvcdm - Must have been a large robbery of money and mints in the 2900s by aliens, and Earth is just now back to the point we're at now.

Solution by Voice of the Many - Alternatively, with the population of humanity growing at an exponential rate, as more money is found, there is much more people to spread it around, so the level stays about the same. While this isn't the financial situation now, the population of the world is rising so much more rapidly every year, so it will have to eventually keep up.

Heads up!: How are the heads in the head museum supposed to be alive? People who are already dead, such as George Washington, are alive as heads in the museum. How could they possibly be if they are already dead? Also, why are some people's heads young, and some old? Also, why are there two Grover Clevelands?

Partial Solution by Anicornfan2 - Well, although this can be a technical nitpick, there is a reason for it. I don't really know the details exactly, but I recall hearing Grover Cleveland was the only president to be elected twice, hence two heads.

Plasma's rebuttal - That's ridiculous! Many presidents have been elected twice, including Clinton. However, it is true that Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms, which no other president has.

Solution by Voice of the Many - They were cloned, pure an simple, and they were different ages. Engineered that way to reflect their time of greatness, for museum patrons. And their memories were retrieved using the brain scan from rapid fossilisation.

I'm Unarmed!: While an intentional joke, how DID Bender plug his arms back in after they fell off?

Solution by Kyle Williams: Bender's arms can work without being attached to his body, 2ACV01 shows that.

Where's the Ring?: Apart from the one shot where the three put their hands together, Leela is not wearing a ring, so where did it go?

Solution by mtvcdm - Leela must realize that the ring isn't safe with Bender around and have hid it somewhere, like Switzerland.

Plasma's Rebuttal - That still doesn't make much sense, she wasn't even wearing it before she met Bender.

Returning to the Scene of the Crime: Firstly, why does the professor live in the Planet Express building, when in "I, Roommate", it is quite strongly suggested that Fry was the only one living there? Also, why is it that they can simply return to the building later on? Also, the police don't try to arrest them in later episodes.

Solution by Anicornfan2 - Because they got new career chips, making themselves valid ("Contents of Space Wasp"), remember?

Plasma's Rebuttal - That doesn't clear them of evading arrest, assaulting a police officer, or attacking Nixon.

Solution by Voice of the Many - Watch the deleted scenes on the series one DVD, they explain it. Although it is highly unlike him, in the deleted scenes for Space pilot 3000, Nixon calls off the police and takes them out partying.

New rants by Jodes:

Disappeaing whistle?: When Fry falls into the cryogenic chamber his whistle drops right next to the chair. When it cuts, the whistle is gone.

Magic bars?: When Fry and Bender are in the museum and locked in the "Villains" room, Bender breaks the two bars in the window, and then his arms falls off. As he puts his arms back in, you can see behind him that the bars are back in place in the window.

Push my buttons: When Fry first meets Leela, there's a panel on the wall beside him. It has one red button at the bottom. In subsequent shots it has two buttons.

Now you see it, now you don't: When Fry is queueing for the booth, he opens the piece of paper showing the picture and writing. Just before he steps in to the booth, it's changed colour and gone blank, then in the next shot it's back as before.

Missed invasion?: When Fry is trapped in the Cryo-Tube we see the buildings being destroyed and rebuilt, the final city is rebuilt, Fry unfreezes and steps out of the Cryo-Tube and the buildings out the window are completely different.

Stubs or no stubs, that is the question: When Bender removes the bars from the cell, it leaves two small pieces of bar jutting out from the top of the window. When he bends another two bars to stop Leela from following them, the pieces are gone.

A knotty problem: Inside the suicide booth when Bender has the coin tied to his finger, the size of the knot around his finger differs between shots.

Time keeps on splippin': When the world is counting down to the new year, we see people in various countries, Egypt, the USA etc all counting down together. Because of time zone differences this isn't possible.

Canned: In the bar when Fry spots Leela outside he says "Oh, no. It's the cyclops", there is a can in front of him. When it cuts it's gone.