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English Websites: 10 sites, 4 cold
International Websites: 9 sites, 3 cold
Message Boards: 6 sites
Fan Lists: 4 sites, 1 cold
Web Archive: 12 sites, 12 cold

(Sites marked "cold" haven't updated in months; sites marked "down" are currently offline but were updating)


June 27, 2010: Cleaned up the site and removed all dead links. I hope that now that Futurama is back, we'll have plenty of NEW websites to populate this section! [Leandro]

December 21, 2008: Added Futurama News. [Leandro]

July 6, 2008: Added Futurama France (French) and FuturamaBel (Russian). [Leandro]

July 3, 2008: This section has been restarted from scratch. I visited every site that was in our database (over a hundred) and deleted all the dead sites, which includes websites that haven't updated for years but are still online. This means you will only see either recent websites, or sites that have interesting information in them.

I collapsed all the language sections into a single "International Websites" section, and sorted the websites by activity. All message boards, in any language, have their own section now.

If you know an active Futurama fansite that is not featured here, please let me know. [Leandro]

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