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The Futurama PointThe Futurama Point

The only other survivor from ten years ago, and the second-oldest living Futurama fansite. Lots and lots of original content.

The Infosphere: The Futurama WikiThe Infosphere: The Futurama Wiki

An online encyclopedia of Futurama, with information about plenty of topics.

The Simpsons and Futurama Fanworks CentralThe Simpsons and Futurama Fanworks Central

Just as the name indicates: a great website with lots and lots of Groening related fanwork. Fanfiction, fanart, fan-you-name-it. Both Futurama and Simpsons.

One and Only BenderOne and Only Bender

Bender character site. Now hosted as a blog, with very frequent content updates.

Can't Get Enough FuturamaCan't Get Enough Futurama

General site, more focused on news updates than on content updates. Doesn't update often.

Almost Totally Naked FuturamaAlmost Totally Naked Futurama

Homepage of regular Fan Art submitter Outlaw Art. Home of the "Bride of Lagoona" series and "Almost Totally Naked Futurama". Great for laughs, however a lot of the content is very risque. Enter at our own risk.


Website focused in merchandising, especially the comics. Has an excessive amount of advertising.

Futurama - Mathematics in the Year 3000Futurama - Mathematics in the Year 3000

An very thorough site about the mathematics and science used in Futurama, written by Dr. Sarah J. Greenwald and aimed at undergraduates getting into the field of mathematics. Check it out, some of the subtle jokes you might not have gotten is explained here.

Soulmates - Fry and LeelaSoulmates - Fry and Leela

A fan site dedicated to fictional couples, this is the Futurama section with a look at our favorite future pair.

Mount FuturamaMount Futurama

Character profiles, Java arcade games, and a list of every planet that appeared in the show are the hilights of this fan site.

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