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Poland joins the madness!

On the first day of the third month from the third year in the third millenium, the International Alliance of Leela Zoners welcomed a new member: Sebastian Szostek, from Poland, joined the crew of The Leela Zone. Now with five webmasters, each one from a different country, The Leela Zone continued its mission of spreading insanity all over the planet, and layouts all over the museum.

Meanwhile, Fox C&D'ed PlanetExpress.dk, a fine site that had been around for quite a while and had a bunch of content (and a layout-switching system that I loved). To grief of every Futurama fan that ever had a chance to visit it, the site closed.

Futurama's hiatus celebrated its first birthday, and though the first season was coming to DVD in the USA and the PS2 game was getting ready to launch, no 5ACV block was ordered; the show kept being pre-empted on Fox, and though Cartoon Network was doing a great show promoting it, everything pointed to "Season 5" being the last.

This layout was online for two weeks, from 2003.03.01 to 2003.03.16, when it was replaced by a new one by The Voices.

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