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The C&D'ed Leela Point!

The year 2002 ended with the jackasses at Fox throwing another Cease and Desist order at us; third one if you count only email, fourth one if you also count the snail-mail one sent to Rubén. Our DNS provider didn't pull the plug of TLZ's domain this time, but still we had a good laugh at the much inconsistencies of this letter; for starters, it was sent in December 30th 2002, but dated July 30th 1999 (three days after TLZ opened!), and sent to our addresses at the leela.com.ar domain (that of course didn't exist in 1999). It also made references to a nonexistant (back then) Futurama movie, and of course it included the now-famous phrase "Fox tries to support its fans whenever possible". Yeah, right. You can read my full comment on this particular C&D in our News Archive.

Anyway, the Guest Layout Mania continued with this pretty layout from JavieR of The Futurama Point, the best source for general Futurama stuff on the web. I really like this one because of all the Leela pics that it includes (something that I abandoned on my layouts when I got bored of looking for new scans for each layout), and also because very light blue (cyan-ish) is my favorite color. Because of that, it stayed online for 57 days, until a new webmaster joined the madness container that The Leela Zone is.

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