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One really Corrupt layout...

With 18 days to go before the season premiere, a world-shattering event happened: my birthday!

And so, the Zone got a new layout... but for the first time in three years, the new layout wasn't made by me! This layout was made by Kristen, who went by the nickname "The Corrupt One" in the Futurama chatroom that was most active at the time.

After being nominated for three seasons, Futurama won an Emmy award for the episode Where No Fan Has Gone Before around this point. Those good news were soon joined by some more good news: Cartoon Network made a deal with Fox to show all 72 episodes in their Adult Swim slot, starting January 2003! Really good news for the show... but still, Fox didn't order a 5ACV production block, effectively killing the series. For a while, anyway.

Meanwhile, The Leela Zone kept expanding. Michael "Teral" Nissen joined as a webmaster, updating several sections.

This layout got updated behind my back on 2002.10.23; the site was corrupted only for one day. Then the previous layout came back.

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