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The "No Plugins!" Layout

I wasn't very active in the site for two months, but I wanted to do something for the site's third birthday on July 27th, 2002. That, naturally, involved a layout change. A layout change usually involves lots of graphics plugins; from the stars in the first reworked layout I did, to the text glows in the Compcrapq layout, I had used plugins in every single layout. But not this time! This layout was the first layout I ever did without using a single plugin. Shapes, yes; gradients, lots; layers, dozens; filters, a few; textures, four. But no plugins at all; it was a bit of a personal goal to see what I could do with the base program and I like the result.

Anyway, between the last layout change and this one, Say Argh! closed. As a result of that, several sections came to The Leela Zone; and also, someone else came on board: Kenneth White, who made the Futurama Graphic Guides for Say Argh!, continued them here. The Links section got an update and became The Links Zone, trying to compensate the loss of Planet Roadmap. Other site that closed was Love in Cyberspace, David Curtin's romance site; and also, Ruben gave up completely on Simpsons y Futurama en Español. Sites were dropping like flies.

In August 5th 2002, the counter hit the 300K visitor mark. This time, the celebration picture came from Douglas Hilliard, and was made in an style that fit quite nicely with the events at the time: Fox was once again C&D'ing sites, this time Simpsons sites, and at least two big ones (including Evergreen Terrace) had to close. The online petition for a 5ACV block kept going, but kept on getting ignored.

This layout was online for 140 non-continuous days. It was finally put to rest on December 15th, 2002, and replaced by a layout by The Voices.

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