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The Compcrapq Layout

Behold! The first, and I hope last, layout made with a Compaq computer. My computer had died at that point, and I was using a very old Compaq Presario. This layout was online for the site's second anniversary since being reopened.

The site got an Episode Guide at this point, as it appeared that we were the only Futurama site that didn't have one. That was probably the first step in the site's conversion from a character site to a general Futurama site, though we didn't think much about it back then.

Things didn't get any better for the show, as Fox cut the fourth season short, leaving sixteen episodes for the fifth season, including an episode first intended for the third season. Petition to give the series a fair timeslot and season length went ignored.

Meanwhile, after his nick appeared in this pages several times, mtvcdm decided it was time for him to create a new layout. His effort is down this text... as you can see, there's things worse than my layouts...

The feedback for this layout was hardly positive, going from "it's craptacular" to simply "awful", "boring", "plain", etc. I still don't think it's that bad.

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