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Dodge this, Fox!

This layout was uploaded in the middle of a general mess: Fox had just decided not to order a 5ACV production block, therefore leaving the series on hiatus. A big campaign was going on, including snail mail, email, and online petitions, and though we didn't organize anything, I uploaded a Flash banner informing visitors of the situation in the previous layout. The previous layout had no banner space, so I placed it below the "What's New" heading; it didn't look any good, so I thought about adding a little banner space in the next layout. And so, this was the first layout in a long time to have a banner space. The banners, however, were ads for different sections of TLZ, hoping to get some traffic in sections that were not updated daily. Of course, there were also banners for the campaign against Fox. This was also the first layout in a long time that didn't have the 'slogan' Ain't No Such Thing As Too Much Turanga Leela; and finally, it was the first layout ever that didn't include credits (not for the site nor for Futurama) anywhere; I realized that after I had already created the main HTML and deleted the original picture file, so I couldn't fix it.

Just ten days after this layout was up, we got an email from some argentine lawyers... and it wasn't precisely to tell us they liked our look. Fox had sent a Cease & Desist letter to the owner of this domain, good old Rubén, back in December... but since Ruben had moved, he hadn't got it. So Fox's lawyers proceeded to email the C&D to us... with CC to MyDomain, our DNS manager. Two days later, MyDomain removed their data for leela.com.ar and we were unceremoniously kicked off the web. Rubén came to the rescue by getting us a new DNS manager, but that meant three days of downtime.

This layout was uploaded on 2002.02.18, and remained online until 2002.04.02, a day after our second reopening anniversary. Then it was uploaded again the 2002.05.25, and finally got thrown away during the site's third birthday the 2002.07.27; was online for 106 days.

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