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To hell with hell!

Part two of the 666th day joke, with Leela fighting Beelzebot off the site. Seeing how difficult it was to find an already made scan of Beelzebot that would fit my needs, I just asked Graham to get me a framegrab of him from Hell is Other Robots and traced it so I could put it on the layout. The pic of Leela firing is the one Mark did for the 200K visitors, with colors by me (I know, the gun looks awful in orange. Sue me; every color I tried looked just as bad).

I spent a couple of hours more with this layout than the previous one; I've found that black backgrounds definitely don't work in a site that needs to have a white background for the body (since there are several hundred files in the site that assume they're gonna get a white background), so I'm probably never going to attempt to use a black background again.

This layout got online on January 28th, to end the 'occupation' of The Leela Zone by Beelzebot, and lasted one day.

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