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One hell of a layout!

Aliased and badly calculated borders: check. Ugly colors: check. Slow loading: check. Unoriginal: oh my, check.

Yup, we were in hell alright.

On January 27th 2002, the site "celebrated" it's 666th day since the reopening with this layout. I'd been planning this layout for a long time, but there was a small problem: I couldn't find pics of Beelzebot anywhere! He's probably the less-drawn character ever in Futurama. I finally managed to get that image for the titlebar from Rubén Gutiérrez.

Even though I'd been planning the layout for months, I finished it one hour after the time it was supposed to go online. As a result of that, it sucked; with another hour to spare I would've fixed some of the stuff, but I was in a big hurry to go to sleep. It was supposed to be a one-day layout, and I had to create another layout for the day after anyway, so I didn't care that much.

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