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More Weird Vector Graphics

The third layout after getting away from the old rounded rectangle style, I went really nuts with the bezier curves on this one. Even the left menu is no longer a block. The picture of Leela crashing against the buddy buttons was requested by Graham, and it was also the image that appeared on the site's 404 message. This layout took a couple of hours longer than others to come to life; I was very very happy with the results, though. I like the top title, I like the weird left menu, I like the buddy button bar, I like everything. Even the spelling error in the disclaimer that Ruben and Graham discovered, and that, rest assured, I'm not gonna fix.

This layout was the one online when I opened the Layout Museum in January 4th, 2002. I figured that after 20 layout changes since I entered the site, I should do something with all those layout backups I had lying around; until then, the different layouts had only a little snapshot in the About This Site page, and I was running out of space in that page to put all the snapshots. Plus, there wasn't enough space in the page to comment on every layout as I wanted to. And considering The Leela Zone's layout history, the Layout Museum was just begging to be created; after all, what other sites could tell they had an average of one layout per month?

This layout was also online for Graham's first anniversary at the site (January 10th, 2002); being the bastard I'm supposed to be, I cooked up a SCANDAL! for Graham. He's swore revenge, but nothing ever came out of it. Some people just aren't evil enough.

The counter reached 200K visitors in January 18th; the celebration for that, surprisingly, didn't include a layout change; but there were two pics, one by Sofie Fenwick and one by Mark L*****. I had set up a form, hidden in the counter, so the 200K visitor could leave us his name; however, he or she preferred not to submit it, rendering my Perl efforts useless. Boo. No fair.

This layout was online for 46 days: from 2002.01.01 to 2002.01.26, and from 2002.01.29 to 2002.02.18; there was a very special date for TLZ in the middle, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to upload a particular layout, and I sure as hell wasn't gonna miss it.

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