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Cutesy-poo layout from Leandro's Evil Clone

Smiley (from Uses for a Hacker fame) said "Reminds me of some of the AOL For Kids cartoon layouts they have for those 6-12 years old. You want to battle your evil clone and a Hacker in a 'Use?' You think they'll win? Get help my friend, unless the majority of others like it". Well, when The Leela Zone got compared to an AOL site, I started to worry, you know.

I just wanted to change the layout just one more time before the year was over; this layout got uploaded in December 30. I had the idea of Leela holding the flag in FAL2 for several weeks, but wasn't sure how to use it on the site in a way that made sense. Finally I stopped caring about making sense and uploaded it anyway on this layout.

The week before this layout got up there was a big big problem in my country, Argentina; five presidents in three weeks, major disturbances everywhere, everything went a lot more expensive... although I was very angry at the problems and very concerned, too, I've never been one for manifestations: I stayed at home without letting my nose out for several days until things calmed down, and even then it wasn't until the end of the year that I went off town again. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time on the computer and at The Leela Zone; that explains why, in this period, there were several layout changes.

This layout lasted two days, 2001.12.30 and 2001.12.31. The new year was greeted with a new layout.

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