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And now for something completely different...

Remember that I said the fast layout ended up as the design of an argentinian eZine, Si Se Calla El Cantor Rock Magazine? Well, this layout for TLZ has some elements from the second layout of that eZine. And, by mere coincidence, I placed the same Leela pic in both this and that layout.

This layout was quite different to any other so far; I had grown very tired of the previous design getting reskinned over and over again, so this time I grabbed the vector drawing tools of my beloved Paint Shop Pro and drew that weird menu you see to the left. I really like how it ended up; the only complaint I received was the dark blue headers in a blue background. They are indeed hard to read.

This layout received the Futurama fourth season. It was online from 2001.10.08 to 2001.12.29, exactly 83 days.

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