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Droppin' like flies... or TLZ webmasters

Right after Can't Get Enough Futurama closed, Scotty left The Leela Zone. I myself was not really in the mood to do any update, so I left the site for a month. Graham ran it until I got back, with help from Dave (whose site Love in Cyberspace was offline at the moment, so he was updating almost every day) and Paul. In May 6th, the counter hit the 100,000th visitor; to celebrate that, Sofie (Graham's wife) made a cool picture. Lucas Araujo, a friend of mine, was the lucky one (he sent a screenshot to prove it).

After I came back to the site, Dave announced that he was quitting The Leela Zone, after being unable to update for several weeks, since Love in Cyberspace was back up at a new host. Paul announced he was leaving for some time, too; and in June, Dave popped in for one last quick news item: he was leaving Love in Cyberspace too. The "real life" factor had just deprived him of any time to webmaster, and he passed his site to his cowebmaster Nova. A couple of weeks later, Can't Get Enough Futurama's old message board PEEL came back online, and Paul left the site too and became moderator of that board. Graham and I were left alone with the site, and it was that way for a very long time.

This layout stayed online from 2001.04.19 to 2001.06.16; 59 days.

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